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High ho to Ironforge!
We took a nice stroll through Ironforge today and sat upon the kings throne!
It was great! Not that great a city though.


Pics, pics, pics!

[Image: NudeIF006.jpg]
[Image: NudeIF005.jpg]
[Image: NudeIF004.jpg]
[Image: NudeIF003.jpg]
[Image: NudeIF002.jpg]
[Image: NudeIF001.jpg]
((I believe this is the wrong Section))

'Ya got one of me! ...Dieing. Yes, I am the one being destroyed by the 15 or so dwarves.
[Image: legendm.jpg]
[Image: NMrob.jpg]
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://ctprofiles.net/1505357">http://ctprofiles.net/1505357</a><!-- m -->
If you look closely enough the first picture shows Nightdemon with the Power Word shield around him. The next picture doesn't show him at all, due to the fact that he's dead, layung under 25 guards.


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