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As you may have noticed (or not), Cora and Tor haven't been around much. Real Life Issues™ being what they are (and what they are is mostly bad), that's probably going to continue. I'm maintaining my account (well, I hope I am... Financial Woes are a definite subset of the Real Life Issues™), but if you're looking for a cheery healer or bouncy, busty warrior, I wouldn't count on my girls to suit your needs.

I'm sure I'll be back sometime. What Cora will be without Amato is anyone's guess. Maybe I'll think of something. Or maybe the marriage will just be retconned out of the picture. Who knows?
I miss you Cor! Sad

And it wouldn't be the same if Cor and Amato were not married. You could always say Amato was called away by Thunder Bluff's Druids to...uh...help somewhere else?
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Somewhere else. State secret. Not to be revealed until the next expansion is announced.
Hah. I could say that indeed. Most of my concerns, however, have less to do with character continuity than whether we-as-people-behind-the-characters can continue playing them as they are. That decision is a long way off, I suppose, since Amato's player isn't exactly around to contribute.
I hope it wouldn't get retconned. Coranda wouldn't be the same without 'Mattobear as her significant other! Not too mention she doesn't seem to be the type for an annulment.
He spopped his head in the emerald dream and got stuck (durn horns!)

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