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Heroic Old World Instances
*waves ta her second family! I miss you guys!

Don't know how many of you cruise the WOW Suggestion Forum but I am trying to get people to sign a suggestion about old world instance being upgraded to heroics. If you agree with the below suggestion, please visit the original post to add your two coppers so that the Blues might take notice. Thanks for your help.

Quote:Remember the days of masses of people waiting outside of Molten Core so thick you couldn't find your guildmates? Remember the whelp pits of Ony? Remember the bugs of AQ? Remember Hakkar and his lesser gods? Naxx, need I say more? So many people don't because they have never seen any of them. Since the expansion, new players rush to the Outlands at 58 and never get to see all of the great instances that are now gathering dust and echoing of emptiness in Azeroth. Once in a blue moon a guild will host an old world instance night but the gear is always dusted since the Outlands offers much better. To bring new life to our beloved past, the Blizzard gods should consider offering heroic versions of these great Azeroth dungeons, with gear equal to the heroics in the Outlands. Heroic attunement should not be too involved as the goal is to increase usage, not drain resources against the Outlands efforts. It hurts my soul everytime I ride past these places of my youth knowing so many will never see them. If you think heroic old world instances would be a great enhancement to the game, reply here. Hopefully we get the ear of a Blue.

Walk in peace on your chosen path

I was kind of disappointed that I barely saw any instances above MC, I saw AQ20 and barely BWL.

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