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Heroic Gear Ups
Its been recommended that we run some of the heroic instances to help get geared up a bit more for our perspective roles. We might split the group in half and run an instance or two during the coming week.

First, though, we need to know what keys people have.

I've got all of them except for Lower City and I'm short about 1k rep for Thrallmar.

Tempest Keep - Yes
Coilfang Reservoir - Yes
Caverns of Time - Yes
Auchindoun - No
Hellfire Citadel - No
Naruth has:

Caverns of Time
Hellfire Citadel

I need about 4,700 Lower City rep for Auchindon, and around 5,000 for Tempest Keep.
I am revered with all the factions except Thallmar. i am only about halfway through honored with them.
Reputations and keys revised:
Coilfang Reservoir: Yes
Tempest Keep: No (1200 needed)
Caverns of Time: Yes
Thrallmar: No (6250 needed)
Lower City: No (1100 needed)

It's the Thrallmar rep that's killing me, as I've only done a single Shattered Halls run. Come to think of it, I still have never done the Mana tombs...huh, wierd.
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Tempest Keep - Yes
Coilfang Reservoir - No (3-4k short)
Caverns of Time - Yes
Auchindoun - No
Hellfire Citadel - Yes

revised 03/26
Tetsumis has the following heroic keys:
Tempest Keep - Yes
Coilfang Reservoir - Yes
Caverns of Time - Yes
Auchindoun - Yes
Hellfire Citadel - Yes

Jivundus is keyed for all Heroic's and has had experience on several runs in Heroic Ramparts. Also has the FR needed to down the final dragon there.
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Hellfire- yes
Auchindoun- no, 5k away from revered
Coilfang- yes
tempest keep- yes
caverns of time- yes
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Just Coifang Resevoir for me. But I should be available to help others in heroic dungeon grinds.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
Caverns of Time - Keyed
Coilfang - almost ...~1k rep from keyed
Tempest Keep - nope .. Half through honored
Auchindoun - nope .. half throuh honored
Hellfire - nope.. not quite half through honored...

I fail at rep grinds.
I move for a complete boycott on all Heroic dungeons.

Especially Coilfang.

But I'm sure you'd love to kill murmor.. especially after I just showed you a couple of items from there? Specifically, a certain mace? Muahahahahah!
Naruth Wrote:I move for a complete boycott on all Heroic dungeons.
Especially Coilfang.

I agree. This was a horrible idea and whomever came up with it should be shot brutally.

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