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Helya Nutshell Guide
Helya is a three phase fight.  The first two phases are pretty different, and the third phase is a modified version of the first two combined.


* Positioning:  face Helya down the center of the platform.  Ranged and melee stack off to the right.

* Bile Breath:  Helya will cast BILE BREATH, which is a straight-line breath attack that will go down the center of the platform, damaging anyone in its path, and leaving a bunch of SLIMES behind.  These slimes explode, leaving behind a void zone.  Slimes are the HIGHEST PRIORITY.  They must be killed quickly because the damage and size of the void zones are proportional to the amount of health they have left when they blow up.  Tanks should swap with Bile Breath.

* Tentacle:  a tentacle will spawn at the front or back of the platform and will slam the ground.  The damage is split between all players hit.  If nobody is hit, the raid will take massive raid-wide damage.  So a group must soak the tentacle slams, or a player with immunities can do it on their own.

* Taint of the Sea:  applied to random players.  When dispelled, it will do a little damage, but it will leave behind a Tainted Essence (green swirly) which will explode.  Get away from it.

* Orbs of Corruption:  purple orbs fixate players.  If you get fixated, kite back and to the right.  If not, step aside until the orb leaves the area, then move back.

PHASE 2:  starts at 65% health, lasts until all tentacles are destroyed.

Helya will start this phase with a wave, which will bring a Grime Lord and a Mariner.  Tank them at the back near the tentacles.  Focus the Mariner while cleaving everything.  Tank the Grime Lord slightly away so melee aren't hit by the Sludge Nova or Anchor Slam.

The Grime Lord will also debuff players with Fetid Rot.  If you get it, move 5 yards away, otherwise it will spread.

Helya will then summon legions of Decaying Minions who will focus random players.  Shortly afterwards, a series of waves will bombard the players.  Move as a group up the stairs to a platform.  This will funnel all the Minions into a tight group.  Use stuns, grips, and knockbacks to keep them on the stairs while you AoE them down.  When they die they will leave behind pools which will be washed away by the waves.

There will be a couple tentacles on each platform -- try to kill these before the final wave, which will bring two more large adds.  Ranged can target the lower front tentacle.  Repeat this rotation until all the tentacles are dead.  But keep up on the adds -- if you focus too much on the tentacles you'll fall behind on the adds.

PHASE 3:  After the last tentacles dies

Helya will return after the last tentacle dies.  Try to time this so that she reappears as the last big adds are dying for a smooth transition.

Phase 3 is similar to phase 1, except that she has no more tentacles, and her breath and orb abilities swap colors.  Her breath is now purple.  The fixate orbs will now leave green pools on the ground.  Keep the kite paths TIGHT and overlap the old pools with new ones to save floor space.  After each set of orbs, this will force the raid's stack points slightly left.  Keep shifting left as the area gets covered in slime.  Each time a wave comes, it will wipe the area clear -- reset the stack points to the start location.

Handle Taint of the Sea as in Phase 1:  dispell and get away from the Corrupted Essence.

She will also be summoning the Mariner, and Minions, from Phase 2.  A tank should grab the Mariner and take it back to the raid.
Here's the Line of Sight two minute guide. Very valuable!

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