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Helping out an old farmer.
Hail Tribe,
Normally I would never consider helping out a Paladin. But Tirion Fordring is a special case. He seems to have learned why and how the light can be blinding. He appears to have been exiled for this knowledge. ((This is what I am getting from the quest line anyway.)) While he was away his son was put off by the silver hand and joined the scarlet crusade. Now Tirion wishes to show his son what it truly means to be a "sighted" paladin again. ((Non blinded by the light, like most scarlets.))

I have collected most of the artifacts that Tirion believes will do this. Only one remains, a picture of him and his son on the shore. Unfortunetly this painting is being kept inside the scarlet fortress of stratholme.

I will require some help to accomplish this.

((The main reason I am doing this quest line is to get the Ornate Adamantium Breastplate, http://www.thottbot.com/?i=17848, Tirion also has several other great rewards. I will be available most of the weekend to do the run. After 5:00pm server time is best though, babies go to bed around them=n.))
Aye, I be hearin 'bout dis guy. I tink I spoke to 'em long ago when I was still a learning mageling, and he had me burn up some o' dem demon doggies and big ole' maggoty things in the Plaguelands. Offerin some good coin ta do it too, so not like I was gonna turn away an opportunity ta turn some demons into ash.

Iffin I'm around when ya want ta do dis, lemme know. I always love a chance ta cast spells on enemies of da Horde, no matter who dey are!

((My playtime has been pretty limited lately, but I'm always willing to lend a hand to help in an instance, providing I have the time to go. If you see me around and are looking to go in, try to catch me and I'll see what I can do to help.))
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