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Help with playing my charactor
I am trying hard to "fit" in with the flow/rp style of Iron song

I have shed the "dark elf" style of play to become more in-charator as a Blood Elf

I have been reading tonight to find out that Blood elves was once High Elves in the war with the trolls and that the name "Blood elves" was given to the people by the leader to strong that survived the scrouge.

With that I am still struggling with how to present my warlock blood elf in game. Am I a secluded race as the book I have says that the Blood elves are? have things changed? What is the "normal" persona for a warlock blood elf (I know all are differnt but a general idea is what I am asking)

Could some one please mentor me a bit in this area? I really like RP and I do wish to "fit in" with Iron Song.

So I ask, could some one mentor me a bit in this area for a while.

Thank You in advance.
Arrogant, superior, condasending, decadent, angry, proud, sad, betrayed, vengeful.
Those would be good words I would use to describe the norm in current Blood Elf society.
Plus given that you are a Warlock the first 3 apply double for you.

Just remember that blood elves have been around a very long time, they had cities and society while the humans still lived in caves. They are the ones that brought civilization to most of the world, taught the secrets of magic to the younger races. They also almost tore Azeroth in half, wiped out the trolls, and gave birth to the Naga. So you have a lot of rich history to draw on, just figure out what parts your character wants to focus on and go from there.

Just remember, that as a rule Warlocks are not well liked. So that will colour your perception of things a little.
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ahh thank you for that information

I will take that and try to sketch a outline for my new persona. I have bought the stategy guide but it only has 2 pages on lore of the once High elves, now Blood elves, and the war with the trolls and the deal with the Deamon to bring about Naga which the Horde High Warlord saw as treason and put a stop to.
Well, here is a web page that has some very basic RP information on the various races. The following link is for Blood elves. http://lore.dramatis-personae.com/worldo...oodelf.php
WoWWiki has a more detailed page on Blood elves http://www.wowwiki.com/Blood_elf_(playable)
I hope this will give you some information that you are looking for. My advice to you is that you don't need to be the "stereotypical" Blood Elf. You can choose to RP any personality type you wish for any race. You don't have to be the "Evil, condescending warlock" if do not wish to. Just try to pick a personality that you are comfortable with. Then learn the lore of your chosen race. Also learning the general lore of Azeroth is a great help. Then you can RP your character's personality and filter social situations with the lore. For example; you can be a bookish and shy warlock who is interested in the study of demons and generally gets along well with others. But, has a mistrust of trolls because of the wars fought against them. You get the idea. I used a basic personality with some basic Blood Elf lore. Just my 2 cents.
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I get asked the question often about how best to RP and I always start by asking the player this:

Why are you here?

Remember that Warcraft is a very diverse world when you look beyond the surface. Its not as simple as saying Alliance is good and Horde is evil. Certainly there are evil humans...and conversely there can be good orcs. Ironsong is primarily a tribe of "good" Horde. You will find our players are honorable and lean towards "helping" each other as well as helping to right the wrongs of the world. You will also see we have no great love of the Alliance for many of the atrocities its member races have taken part in. Like the Horde races we are comprised of, our members also have many personal challenges to face.

So you have to ask yourself why you are here. We have had applicants come in and try to RP themselves as evil...and then basically be mean and alienate everyone here. But as a tribe in the RP sense ...no Horde tribe would have a member around who was a danger to its members. As an officer I have told players in the past and its worth saying again, that if a person wants to RP themselves as a danger to us then there will be RP consequences up to and including being banished from the tribe.

In creating your own RP personality, I suggest you start with yourself and then simply exagerate something about your character. You know the best characters in our tribe are just normal characters. Not necessarily over the top good or extremely evil. This tribe seems to work best as a group of misfits who have banded together to become a strong force who can protect each other and meet the worlds threats head on.

Sing True Ironsong!
Thank You for thre replies, I really apprieciate everything you all have done.

Ironsong is a awsome guild, I just don't feel I fit here in WoW.

Kasmiria and I are rejoining Anti-Sanctus Chaotica as we make our Asmodina Aion chapter. We have written the lore, have the roster, website and vent set up and have the ball rolling.

Thanks again Guy's n' Gals for taking the time out for us, you are truley a great bunch.

If any of you get interested in Aion, with a good helping of RP <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://theunholylegion.mmoguildsites.com/">http://theunholylegion.mmoguildsites.com/</a><!-- m --> is where we are at. Any of you are welcome to come

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