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Help please! Warlock epic mount quest.
I have changed my mind about "skipping" my epic mount quest, I'd actually really like to do it now.
I have just found out that, Eveline and I can do the epic mount quest together and split the costs. We still need all the beginning reagents
Ok well this is good to know. But the other reagents that cost 406 gold total, we only need 1 per group. So that means, it will only cost us 203 gold together. I am not sure if this is a bug or a glitch but i think we should take advantage of it while we can. I am sure both of us would appreciate any help with the reagents below, and as soon as possible before they nerf this even.
- 35 Black Dragonscales
- 10 Shadowpower Elixirs
- 3 Arcanite Bars
- 6 Large Brilliant Shards
- 25 Dark Iron Bars
--Please guys Help us out!!
I want to get the key to UBRS, with this key it should be easy for me to run many raids there, and you should be able to skin your scales.
When I posted in guild chat about our warlocks being able to do it together for credit, I recieved a negative responce: "No you can't". "No I don't think that is true". So I went ahead and did it with 3 other warlocks. I was very discouraged that you guys didn't believe me / didn't seem to care. Thank you karnage and fleethoof for helping me obtain the materials.
I'm sorry you took our uncertainty about what at the time we'd read on the forums as an unconfirmed rumor personally. What's important is that you succeeded and have your mount, and I'm pleased to learn that what you said was true. Eveline didn't and still doesn't have her materials completely gathered so I don't see how any harm was done.

I asked you at the time what was bothering you after that and you denied it. I'm disappointed that you wouldn't talk to me about your concern when asked but post in such a manner here after the fact, especially since I was one of the people who wasn't sure that the post you had seen was accurate.

I'm sorry that what should have been a positive and affirming post about you succeeding at an epic quest is marred by negativity that I am partially responsible for. I was pleased to see you in Tarren Mill on your Dread Steed when I was playing Adamos. I had not heard otherwise whether you had completed the quest or not after talking to Fleet about the mushrooms.
I am sorry. I feel neglected/ignored and the fact that you guys doubted me after I was so thrilled to find out that information and tell you about it....just hurt =(
I have started collecting ghost mushrooms, I've found a one or two on earth elementals in southern tanaris in the catus patch for anyone who wants to see about getting them that way.
If we get any guild runs on blackrock depths going, I can mine your darkiron for you and smelt it (havn't trained the smelting yet but I have the materials on me to train it.) I don't have much other use for the bars yet as I am not an armorsmith, so I can help all you 'locs that way.
sko Wrote:I am sorry. I feel neglected/ignored and the fact that you guys doubted me after I was so thrilled to find out that information and tell you about it....just hurt =(

:Confusedighs:: you just have to realize that we're allied with a bunch of races that aren't quite as far up the evolutionary ladder. : )

also, you're a friggin' undead abomination, you should be glad when people neglect and ignore you, at least they aren't running away from you screaming or trying to set you on fire or something...

as an orc once put it to me, "You're dead, you're ugly, you smell like ten days at low tide; of course people can't stand to be around you."

Spreading cheer throughout the year,

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