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This is my last term for my B.A. and joy of joys I'm missing more classes than I can physically make up- so I'm doing online and independent study for five 7 credit classes.

I'm asking, through July, that if anyone notices that I have been online for more than an hour at any given time- yell at me, threaten me, bribe me, or anything else you can think of to get me back to work.
For every minute past an hour you're on, I'll charge you 1g.
Hey! Just like Verizon!
I suggest you cancel WoW.

It's not our responsibility to babysit you.

You're a grown up, act like one.

If that doesn't piss you off and make you do it yourself then nothing will.

I say this for your own good. If you take offense then perhaps I have succeeded.

Trust me buddy, It is not worth sacrificing school for a stupid video game.

Go concentrate on school.

We'll be here when you get back.
Well if you must ruin the lighthearted mood of this post, fine.

I am perfectly capable of managing my own time and would hope that nobody actually thinks I expect them to time me when I log in. Even taking nearly three times what is considered a "full schedule" on top of a full time job, I fully intend to continue gaming. I think that folk who attempt to forsake their stress relieving activities to deal with a heavy work load are only dooming themselves to failure- or an ulcer.

Was just letting folk know that my time of scattered online appearances is far from over.
I would be inclined to agree with you Kerrah. Those who completely sacrifice play for work tend to find that both suffer. However, I do understand where Xerril is comming from, and the tactic is admirable. You are an adult, and in the end you will make your own decisions...but if you need that little extra nudge to get you going then I will be happy to help. Smile
Though really if my wife hasn't managed to give me an ulcer yet, nothing will.
Truth be told, a break from WoW never hurt anyone. Just remember that if you do eventually find you can't balance the two out... take a break.

Personally, I had a similar situation 4 years ago in college, I did take a break from EQ and it was exactly what I needed. Just one less thing to balance, regardless of it it was a stress reliever (I found going for a walk a much better reliever of stress).

If you can balance it all out, good on you!
Biting, I think being a feral druid you will react best to biting!

LOL, I do struggle with the same thing, some days I know better, some days I don't. That is the fun of being an adult, when you get to the point you can do whatever you want you know better to do the things that need done. Sad Bah I miss the days when I thought I would get to eat ice cream and cake all the time and no yucky vegetables. Wink

Good luck with school !
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
I agree with Xerrik....if your doing an independant study then theres no sense in having a game as enticing as this be there to distract you from your work....cancel it for the time you are gone...save yourself some money and come back to us when your done....Ironsong always takes Real Life over the game and you will always have a home in Ironsong.

Drop the game...do some studying and socialize a bit....If you need to ask us to help you get away from the game then your obviously playing too much.

Good luck with your school work.
Kaerrah - thanks for the heads up on your schedule, your place will be here when you return. Good luck in school!

No one has to babysit you, I don't believe that is what you asked for. If others don't want to bother, that's their right. Regardless if you are an adult or not, you asked for a bit of help. I will do as you ask, I won't even have to chastise you. All I will need to do is ask how school is going.

po Merrina
I tell ya, I'm getting tired of finding reasons not to play WoW every waking moment Tongue
How bout this one - Play WoW as much as you want - and have another year of school. Or play WoW when it gets too crazy - and have one semester left. Your choice.
So what you're saying is that I should drop out of school and farm gold for a living?

Just do what I do... take breaks from WoW (cancel your account for a month or two) and just troll the forums Smile

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