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((Hello, again.))
Good to 'see' you all again. I should have known that the House of D. would reincarnate in this fashion Big Grin

Looking forward to my first meeting with you all, and especially looking forward to some quality RP experiences.

Take care y'all, see you soon!

- Neriath

P.S. - Insert random 'your mother' joke about any given officer here, for old time's sake.
Neriath! Hi! I am very excited that you are here with us! I will craft you all the little linen robes you need to help you on your way! Did I mention I was glad you're here?
Yes, yes indeed you did. Some less-flimsy robes would be nice, thank you kindly.
Throm'ka and welcome!
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
::Rawne clutches a broken wine bottle in his hand and grins wickedly at Neriath::

"Time for everyone's favorite game!"

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