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I was told to come leave my mark here, and I have! I hope to get to know you all much better soon...for now, I will..um.. be trying to learn all of your names and faces.

~Zema Windlash~

((OOC: I can't wait to meet more of you in-game and get to know you all. Please call on me at any time, should you need a Priest..or a fishing buddy...if you can't find me as Zarraema, I'm often goofing around as my Mage (Rinji) or my Warrior (Jenica),...and rarely, my first character, a Warlock (Zarrae). Until then, be safe! ))
((Addendum: ...let me rephrase "often goofing off as Rinji" to ..."Of late, I have had little to no reason to log Zarraema on...now that she's hit 60, I can't really find a reason to play her aside from RP...which, honestly, the most RP I've seen outside of Zarraema, Edonil, and Zinthas has been at the Moots. (which have been a joy to attend)

...I would love to group with many of you...but I feel very silly saying: "Hey, do you want to go to <name place> with two other people you don't know, who aren't part of the guild (yet ...both are very much considering it), and possibly break up groups of people who generally hunt together like Edo, Zin, and I do?" (yay for run on sentences!)

In any case. Please don't think that I'm not around. If any of you ever need anything at all, please look me up...even if it's something as simple as asking the ingredients needed for a tailored item or an enchantment formula. I look forward to seeing you all in guild chat Smile ))
Would you like to help me set people on fire ? :twisted:
Welcome aboard Zema!
Quote:Would you like to help me set people on fire ?

OOC (..erm..sorta):

<cackles> Dat be w'at da lil' mage be doin', mon! Wink
LOL! Any time you want or need a group just send me a tell if you are not on Zarr ) You are the best Rper I have seen yet ! )

I understand what you are saying about being 60 and not having much to do. I am almost 60, and am already planning on leveling up my lil priest once I get there.

That being said, Krell has almost NEVER grouped with a priest, and he would very much like the opportunity to learn how to function with an actual healer in the group.

So, please feel free to send me a /whisper if you are setting up a group of yer pals to do something.


Orc Hunter
Ironsong Tribe
<blushes furiously> ...there's no such thing as a "good" "best" or "better" RPer... I just happen to have a hyperactive personality...thus, I don't do too poorly pulling off an over-active, hyper, bouncing child -.-

...and I would absolutley love to go do something, Krell..just say what and where. If Zinthas is online, you'll probably have a warrior with us too...and if poEdonil isn't at work (wonky work schedule for the next few weeks), most likely a warlock, too Smile
Count me in! *grin*

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