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Hellfire Ramparts! RP/Strategy
So today, a group of five Ironsingers went into the Hellfire Ramparts, and cleared out every filthy orc there was. This is the first recorded time that a full troupe of five Ironsingers (as opposed to Iron-Singers) has infiltrated and defeated a lair of the Burning Crusade! Abbru, Dokcha, Ebberk, Zeenjai and I went in and cleaned up their bosses not once, but twice, acquiring several carts of treasure in the process. You would not believe what these folks are keeping!

((So - how'd we do it? I'd like to thank Noram, Ironsong Tribe Alum and Blood Cult guild member. I asked in ironsongooc if anyone was running an instance, and they let me tag along. I got to see the basics there.

If you see a big dragon flying around, don't worry. He won't rip you to shreds until the end, and you have to initiate a mini-event to pull him.

General pulling - pull as you see fit. If you've got some sort of crowd control - we had a mage - you'll want to tag the guys you see in heavy plate. They're the hard hitters. Second, if you think a patrol isn't that close to another pull, it probably is that close. Patience is a virtue. There's a warlock-type creature that's immune to Freezing Traps, and possibly other CC as well.

The first tricky pull involves a bloke we're calling the Beastmaster. It's somewhere in his name. He comes with two guys in heavy armor. The Beastmaster is immune to practically everything - Taunt, Pig, Freezing Trap, etc. Intimidation has been proven to work. He quickly calls three wolves to join him. They're non-elite, but they can be huge trouble. Out of three runs, we wiped here twice. The best way around it was to CC (crowd control, for the uninitiated) the plate guys, and then take down the Beastmaster as fast as you can. He'll probably call his dogs anyways. AoE them down, with some frost traps/earthbind totems as well. War Stomp! If you die, though, the dogs don't respawn, and won't come when he calls them. Pick them ff at your leisue.

The first boss is cake. I forget his name (but he has one that's not generic, that's how you'll know him), and he's got two very squishy sidekicks who heal. CC one, kill the other one. Kill him, and then kill the remaining squishy. Take phat lewts.

The next tricky pull is at the top of a ramp inside a tower. Proceed carefully and you'll see a group of six - five are casters, the last one is named something else. I forget, I took bad notes. Sue me. To prepare for the pull, drop a frost trap, earthbind totem, whatever you can to slow them down, and get everyone but your puller to the bottom of the ramp. Pull them all the way down, and kill the one-of-a-kind enemy first, and destroy the remainder afterwards. A tremor totem is your friend - the five-of-a-kind have fear.

When you get to the big open room, pull clockwise from your left. Keep in mind that there's a group pretty much flush against the wall on the left.

After clearing the open area, proceed across the right bridge and hallway - we're going to Easy Boss (Omon? Omor? Something like that). Clear out everything but Omor in his room. Send your tank in, and point him away from the group. DPS him like crazy. The only trick is that sometimes he'll spawn the weeniest Fel Hound ever, it's not even elite. So just assign someone to hound duty. In our case, it was up to our trusty DPS Shaman. A hunter, warlock, or feral druid could probably do the job just as well. Or anyone, like I said, these things are wimps. Don't freak out if he sends you flying with his crazy knockback - you'll bounce around an invisible dome, and land more-or-less unscathed (~800 damage to a Waka).

Now for the killer boss - the dragon and rider from earlier. We wiped on him twice each run. At the end of the bridge leading to his landing (the left landing) are two orcs. Do not pull them until you're ready to fight the dragon! Kill them, and get all your mana users drinking, and throw the tank into the center of the landing. Like a number of Star Trek: TNG movies, the Orc Rider will separate from the Dragon. The Orc will be on the ground, while the Dragon will continue to fly. While in flight, the Dragon can only be affected by ranged damage. The strategy presented here is what worked for us. Well, kind of. You need to have your tank in FR gear.

(There appear to be two landing conditions for the Dragon - one is a function of time, the other is if the orc dies. He's more lethal in his landed form, so the idea is to balance a decent amount of damage on him, AND kill the Orc, before he lands)

Get the tank on the Orc immediately, DPS on the Dragon.. The Dragon will continue to fly around, breathing fire at you. When he hits you, he will leave a little burning patch on the ground. You need to MOVE AWAY from it. Sound familiar to our habitual MCers? Once the dragon is down to about 50% health, switch to kill the orc, he's pretty squishy. Hopefully the orc will be dead by the time the dragon lands, because as soon as he lands, you NEED to have the tank on the Dragon, and your main forces on the bridge. FACE THE DRAGON AWAY FROM THE PARTY (again, sound familiar, MCers?) or he'll fry them all alive. And then fry them dead. Hopefully your healer still has mana, or life will go downhill quickly. DPS the dragon to death.

The dragon carries only quest loot, and skins for nothing worthwhile. The Orc carries no loot at all. Once both are dead, a chest will appear with two blues in it. Congratulations! In all honestly, I think the Easy Boss carries better loot, but I have a remarkably small sample size.

A final note on respawns: We never saw any.

I hope this was all legible, and I hope my editorializing was humorous, not obnoxious))

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