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Heari's Second Exile (( An explaination ))
(( I will place a warning right here: This post contains allusions to violence and cannibalism, although not in graphic detail. ))

Heari’taj carefully knelt in front of the Warlord and his trusted companions, his mismatched ears drooping. He studied the ground, fingering a small, stained bag. For a moment, he simply knelt in silence, gathering his thoughts as best he could, then sighed and spoke, trying to make his Orcish as clear as possible.

“Wa’lord, Heari no cen stey wit’ de Iron-son’. Heari been t’inkin’ an’ eskin’ peeple ta reed ‘im de totem, an’ Heari ‘no ‘e gonna be in big trubba soon. Heari been tol’ ‘e gotta bad tempa, an’... an’ dat troo. If summ’un mek Heari engry, ‘e no’ promiss ‘e no’ tek a swing at ‘em o’ steb ‘em. Heari serv’ de Fia, an’ lossa tim’ de Fia wan’ Heari ta mek trubba, ta burn t’ings. An’ las’...”

Heari eyed the Warlord fearfully and opened the small bag, producing what was unmistakably the tip of a purple elf ear. “...Heari shere wit’ frien’ w’en ‘e ‘unt de ‘Liance. Heari no’ Da’kspea’. Heari no’ esk ta be pa’t o’ de ‘Orde. Heari no’ lissen ta T’rall o’ Vol’jin ‘bout no’ et’in’ effs.”

Putting away the grisly trophy with a grimace, Heari bowed his head further. “Heari no’ cen stey wit’ de Iron-son’. No’ be sefe fo’ dem, Heari t’ink. But... if de Iron-son’ eva nee’ Heari fo’ ennyt’ing, jah ‘no, stebbin’ t’ings o’ mekkin’ booms fo’ ‘em, ennyt’ing, dey jus’ gotta esk. Heari owe de Iron-son’ a w’ole lotta, an’ ‘e no’ fo-get...”

Quickly, Heari scooped up his bag and retreated to what he felt was a safe distance, fading into the shadows.

(( Let me make this very clear: This decision was make LONG before the Sorrow storyline ever made it’s debut. This is NOT an invitation to debate over the possible in-character rules, nor was it made in protest. Quite the opposite.

Heari’s character was never really suited to Ironsong, but when I created him I knew no other place to meet roleplayers, and he joined by default with his Priestess Legn’s blessing and promise he would behave. To be honest, in RP outside of Ironsong, he hasn’t behaved at all.

I have made this decision with no animosity intended, and no hard feelings. Qaza will remain guilded, as she gladly thinks of the tribe as family. Of course, if anyone needs a pocket combat rogue to fail horribly at saps, forget how to open locked boxes, blow things up just because he can, ramble at people in barely-understandable lingo, or run around in a very silly chicken hat, look him up.

I am still very interested in roleplaying with him, and I adore you all and will help in any way I can. It is up to Sreng and the other officers if Heari will be tolerated at moots, but you can bet if I’m not attending as Qaza that he will attempt to look in on them. If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me. ))
((Thanks for your post, Qaza! We're still debating exactly what shape the IC CoC is going to take, but many of you may be relieved to hear that it will probably not address cannibalism directly. As things currently stand I can't say much more, but we've been weighing things pretty carefully.

That said, I understand if you still feel the need to unguild Heari. But let me know if that chages, and I'll be glad to get him re-upped.))
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
Saezhur watched Heari walk toward him. The young troll practically slouched into an oblivion and seemed unlikely to walk of his own volition, so heavy his shoulder appeared. And yet, he walked slowly, inexorably towards Saezhur.

"I have heard what you have done Heari. It takes more than bravery to leave what you know to wander into darkness, but with some luck and a little more direction you may come back into the light." Saezhur grinned lightly at Heari, but the troll merely stood quietly. "Come Heari, we'll get you new accommodations and perhaps work on some things."

Tossing a lockbox over his shoulder into Heari's hands, Saezhur lead the troll into the woods to find a new path.

A big welcome to Heari into the home of the Krimson Kaos. We shall see you all at the moots, and let the intrigue begin!

I have had the pleasure of RP'ing with Qaza for some time, and I understand the level of concern that has been engendered in this decision, and I offered a place for Heari, once the choice was made, that would still be close with IST but give the distance that such a character may need. If Heari decides to return to the tribe, then I would be the first to encourage it so this is nothing more than a locale change for a character on a quest to learn about themself.

And thank you to Ironsong for being the guild that you are and a place where I have met many a great RP'er.

If it ain't broke, then you really aren't using it are you?

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