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Heads up!
Dear Ironsong tribe,

I will keep this brief.

I have recently found out that there are several attacks planned against the Horde. I believe that they will occur sometime before the end of the year. The outposts located in the Barrens are the targets. I am hoping that you will be able to use this information to warn the leaders of the Horde.

I have already risked being found out, and believe that I will compromise my position here if I attempt to speak directly to anyone of rank, and I don't know who else can be trusted.

I would have told you in person, but they gnome body I'm using now would be destroyed beyond repair and we only have the one. Unfortunately, I cannot divulge the names of my comrads, to protect their identities. They, while still willing to help me in my endevours, have decided to remain neutral with each faction.
The troll tore the note off the front of the guild hall door. How this couldn't have been found sooner was beyond his knowledge.

Quickly reading through the note, he gave a slight grunt at these new attacks supposedly being planned. The not appeared to have been written in haste and, frankly, the troll would've easily passed it up as some prank if not for the news his ears had caught as of late.

Reports from Camp Taurajo were pouring in about Alliance advancement through the Dustwallow Marsh and starting to take up claims of more coast land in the southern Barrens. It seemed as though things would come to a head soon, and Camp Taurajo was in the most danger at this point. Honestly, it was one small camp of Horde against who knew how many caravans and units of Alliance.

Melikar realized that perhaps some real back-up was in order. If, theoretically, the Alliance took over Camp Taurajo, there would be nothing to stop them form massing north to other Horde owned areas. This was something the warrior would not allow. Perhaps it was time to get some organization going over any efforts that planned to see this one through.

Bringing the note inside the hall, Melikar attached it to the totem, right up front where anyone could easily see it's bright parchment and writing contrast with the darker notes behind it. He really hoped it didn't go unnoticed.
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The orc saw the note, gave it a quick read and sighed.

Writing a short note of his own, he sent a small tickbird to deliver it to Garrosh Hellscream for his military tactical information. He thought for a moment to send a note to Thrall as well, but instead sent one to Cairne, as the Bluff was closer and there was more chance of action from the old Tauren.

Shouldering his crossbow and whistling harshly for his pet to join him, the old orc grunted and left the hall, restless and itching for someone short and pointless to plunge his weapon into.
Mula read the note. Then read it again.

"Who is this Squigvicious fellow? Can he be trusted?...He says that he's usin' a gnome body? What's to say that he's not a gnome for real and yankin' our tails? I have much difficulty believin' anythin' that comes out of a gnome, whether or not he's a real gnome or not."

"Although," she added quietly, "if what he says is true....I will alert the border patrols." She quickly gathers her weapons and armor and rushes out the door.
Lucinther watched as everyone rushed off in various directions before he stepped up to read the note himself. He smirked as he read it. He was thinking what everyone else was, who is the person that left the note, and could he be trusted? He looked around again, watching as Phoronid's tickbird flew into the air and as Mula rushed off. He wasn't needed to alert anyone. Where was the fun in that anyway? His smirk grew slightly. Gnome hunting was the only option left.
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Aracna smiles and waves at the others as she enters the hall, watching them all exit. Her son now in a special school and with Firvan away training she dosn't care much to sit in an empty house. "Whats going on?" She asks before spotting the note and gives it a good look over. Her face becomes thoughtful.

"What type of person leaves such a cryptic message...and can we trust someone...using a body?" She looks to Luc with an eyebrow raised. "What do we do?"
" Well, they are doing their part to take precautions, in the event the note has any truth to it." Lucinther said with a smirk.

" And you?" Aracna stilled looked at him questioningly, one eyebrow raised.

Lucinther answers with a smirk.

" You're going after him."

"Thats the plan. You coming?" still smirking, he turned and walked to hi room, gathering a few things.
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"Yep. Figured that." She waits for him to return then follows Luc out, making sure her spider was dutifully behind her.
Krell slowly emerges from his room in the Guild Hall, and shuffles over to the Totem. "What's all the commotion about" he says to noone in particular. The years have certainly taken their toll on the once powerful Orc, and he plods along with the determination of a warrior. Once he's reached the Totem, he braces himself by leaning against it and strains to see the words written on the parchment. After a short time, he simply shakes his head and returns to his room, clsoing the door behind him.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
One tickbird returns, flying in the window and chirping froma perch on what was once Phoronid's engineering bench, but seems to now be a harpsichord.

The old orc comes out of his room, looks curiously at the piles of carefully sorted engineering supplies in nice boxes in the corner, looks at the harpsichord that used to be a table and shrugs. Picking up the tickbird carefully, he unwraps the note.


Yes, the Barrens is always under attack. This news is probably useless.

However, knowing your reputations and instincts for seeing trouble brewing, I will send some of the less useful young recruits to go gather data.

Come and see me.

- Garrosh."

Phoronid smiled at the atypical tone of this letter, hoping his usual instincts for trouble were accurate. he had seen only vague signs of Alliance intrusion, but the mood of the area seemed... off. Like a flock of birds reacting to an incoming storm before anyone else had any indication.

He began moving his crafting supplies to his room, leaving the harpsichord - he thought had been a table - in peace. Then, he shouldered his backpack, whistled harshly for Phoeni, and marched out of the room, heading to answer his summonings.
The gnome quietly placed the note on the protruding nail on the door to the guild hall and quickly and quietly scampered up the side of the building. He watched as the orc tore the note off the door and took it inside. Lying on his back, on the slant of the roof, he carefully pulled out a black box from his pouch. He opened it up, carefully, and gently pulled out a metallic, conical object with tubes. He placed the ends of the tubes in his ears and placed the cone against the roof. He cranked the nob, and it began to whir quietly. He adjusted several more knobs and levers and listened to the conversation inside.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he heard the voices inside. He had to be sure, though. He waited and listened further. Several hours went by. He saw the tickbird fly though a small window into the hall. It must have been a messenger bird. He hadn't noticed its departure. Perhaps he could get a glimpse of the note...maybe a revealing seal? He had to know. He set the box and tubes aside and scooted quietly down towards the edge of the roof. He peeked over the edge and saw the window. He could see a table full of mechanical devices and parts and a bit of -- yes, he could see someone's legs. He carefully lowered himself down, holding onto the edge of the roof. He saw the orc unfolding the note. He quietly cursed - the writing was too small. He shifted his weight, and carefully reached up to his goggles to adjust a lever. He re-adjusted his target and saw a scrawled signature: Gonosh? Of course! He quickly deduced...Garrosh Hellscream. He'd heard of Hellscream's push into Northrend, and had certainly seen the gigantic fortress, Warsong Hold. But, why was he responding to that orc's message bird?

He heard the device's whirring noise begin to grow louder. Deftly, he pulled himself back up and onto the roof. The machine was vibrating violently and was starting to smoke. "Not good. Not good," he muttered, a slight hint of panic creeping into his voice. The machine was jiggling so much it was sliding down the roof. He quickly stood up and scrambled over to the device which was now rolling faster towards the edge. He dived for it just as it disappeared over the edge fingers reaching. He grabbed and caught hold of one of the tubes, stopping the listening device from falling, but swinging and smoking, hanging over the edge. He was still sliding down the roof, cursing openly at his stubby fingers, missing his natural claws, and it was at that moment that the device exploded. A blast of smoke caught the gnome in the face, and he was free-falling. He landed hard, and the world went black.
Lucinther walked outside the guild hall, Aracna following behind him. he stopped momentarily and took a look around. As he glanced slightly skyward, he noticed the lingering smoke from something. A slight smirk spread across his lips. He looked at his surroundings again, taking every little detail in. His smirk grew even wider when he spotted the gnome's foot, poking out from under a bush.

He made his way over to the gnome and carefully drug the small creature out from where he had landed in his unfortunate fall. He tried half-heartedly to wake the gnome, but had no success. At least the thing was still alive. Lucinther shrugged and pulled out a pair of hand irons and deftly secured the gnome's hands behind his back and lifted him off the ground with one hand.

He walked back into the guild hall and found a chair that would suit the gnome's heighth. Anca would complain for awhile, but, she'd understand that it was all for a good cause. He placed the chair next to a support column and carefully secured the chair to it, using several chains. He then thouroughly searched the gnome's pockets, removing any items that could possibly aid any escape, before haphazardly setting him down in the chair. Once in place, Lucinther secured the gnome's feet to the legs of the chair and connected the hand irons to the chains holding the chair in place. He smirked again. Gnome hunting was getting too easy.
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Aracna stares at the Gnome for a bit, "That was too easy. If this is him." She sits in a chair near by, an arrow at the ready and her bow out. "He looks pretty normal, I was expecting something worse."
The gnome opened his eyes, then shut them, then opened them. Everything was spinning, and hurting. He did a check to see what was working. Head...check, despite the pain; chest...check, maybe a cracked rib, but he'd suffered worse; arms...he tried to move them...stuck...oh crap....He suddenly realized he was not outside anymore, but stuck to a chair, restrained by manacles. He smirked. Those would be a breeze...just...needed to get at his tools...

His eyes looked up and saw his tools, goggles, telescope, compass, gadgets, knick-knacks, odds and ends, poisons, picks, bags, money, bombs, knives...his gleaming sparkling knives! "@#$!&*#$%" Then he realized that he was cursing out loud. He also realized he was not alone.

He cursed some more.

There were several beings in his immediate vicinity. A female blood elf with a spider by her side - maybe a hunter. A bony hand grabbed his shoulder. The gnome jumped and turned his head. Wearing a strange hood, was a ... yes, one of Sylvannas' creations. This one was a rogue, and looking very dangerous. Who was he kidding? This was the most fool-hardy thing he'd done in a long time. He should have known better than to trust a design created by his friend. He could still smell the smoke in his nostrils.

"Look," he said bravely, speaking in orcish; his voice quavering and betraying him, "this is not what it seems." He silently cursed the sound of his voice and prepared himself for the worse.
Having heard the sudden commotion from the guild hall's main area, Melikar sauntered out from the guild's kitchen to where it was coming from.

Slightly put off, he noted the form of a gnome secured in a chair, Lucinther and Aracna standing by.

"Well, well..." his deep voice drawled, "Looks like Lucin been out catchin' some mice!" There was only one feeling the troll had about gnomes and it wasn't a pleasant one. Too many times had they tried to knife him in the back and use their foul magics on him. If this one planned trouble, it wasn't getting away easy.
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