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He has opend his mouth once too often.
*in a hushed voice* allright tribe, i've got to get this out quick before he comes back, but personally i'm sick of a certain warlock opening his yap a few too many times about rogues. So I say we show him why it's a bad idea to make fun of somebody you can't see. Here's the plan, lure him into the arena where all is fair game, we'll tell him theres an epic rock there or something, the greedy blighter will likely ride in without any thought of his own safety, a few of us hide waiting for him to hit the right spot, then we pounce, a sap, a chep shot, an ambush depends on how many of us are there. Who is with me?

((Just thought i'd clarify, I have nothing against Damo as a person, but Lokus has a few bones to pick, spacificly Damo's, off his dagger))
((This all said in RP))

Now now sir Rogue...if all is FAIR in the arena then you cannot plan on fighting unfairly. And who are "WE?" I must ask. Enticing other tribemates into a scheme against one of our own simply cannot be.

As Champion of Ironsong I must intervene here. We come from many differing pasts and some take a harsher view of the world than others, perhaps none more so than I...yet still...we must bear in mind that there is strength and honor in numbers and so we must learn to stand by one another. Who will watch YOUR back my friend when another is trying to stab you? I will...thats who. And so true will any other of your tribemates but you must always remember that respect is earned and not given...most especially amongst Orcs. I say of Damoxian that though he may have faults, all of us do, and yet I know of no Orc more honorable than he. Know that you must prove yourself to him. I say that you should take on that challenge rather than scheming against him. That is a challenge more worthy of an Ironsinger than that of stabbing a tribe mate in the back, Rogue or no.

Stand by Damoxian's side, not at his back...and show him your honor. Then you need not fight against him but beside him in battle. Likewise, know that "In Ironsong our hearts are one..." and to scheme against one of us is to scheme against us all.

So sayeth Dispaya, Champion of Ironsong

Sing True Ironsong!
((once again, all RP))

I learned this when I was young from a rogue much more expreinced than I, don't call me sir, I work for a living. I have no need for one to watch my back, as I don't make comments derogatory to the tribe. One should not have to prove themselves to a tribemate in order to avoid derogatory comments. I have no need to show this cad my honor. He hides behind equipment to make him better, faster, stronger. Were the situation fair I would gladly take the coward one on one. You are our Champion Dispaya, and I appreciate what you have tried to do, but the time for talk has long since ended. My blade will find his heart, with or without help.
"It takes a soldier of great skill to slay himself with his own words"
The words of my human father still ring true to my ears.

I do not defend Damoxian's words. He may speak for himself and has proven himself well able to do so. However, as Champion my sworn duty is to defend the honor of the tribe I hold so dear, and this is why I have intervened. For on the day that you succeed in dividing us is the day that you and I become enemies, and that is not a thing I desire. The words of a single Warlock mean nothing compared to the greater crimes of conspiracy or treason. Though you have not heeded my prior words they were said in trying to defend you only from yourself.

How can we ever hope to make a place for ourselves in this world if we continue to fight amongst ourselves? How can we hope to battle the Alliance whose armies hold such allegiance to one another? The actions of a single Rogue may count little in the great scheme of things, but the actions of Ironsong reach far and wide. I say if you want to be alone in the world then go and be that, but to be a part of this tribe is to be more than you are alone...and to be that we must learn to overcome our differences.

I do not insult the lessons of your teacher, but know that the universe is always in constant motion, and the lessons that may apply one day may not apply in another. In my travels I have found it to be true that some never learn anything because they learn everything too quickly.* You have great strength my young Rogue, but you have not yet learned great wisdom. And strength without wisdom leads most often to war.


*Zen Quote
Sing True Ironsong!
Lokus, I completely understand your animosity towards Damoxian. I, too, have had dealings with Tribemates who belittled me or simply spoke without thinking. However, the Tribe is my new family and like any family, there will be strife. We all must put aside our personality differences and fight our true enemies-- the Alliance. Dispaya is wise beyond her years; I encourage you to listen to her words. I understand the need to sink your blade into an enemies' heart, oh! believe me I do! But Damoxian is not your enemy. He is a Tribemate. He is a friend to me and many others. If you undertake your nefarious plan, I will not be able to call you Tribemate or friend. Choose your path carefully. A moment of triumph may lead to a future of lonliness.

Warrior and proud member of The Ironsong Tribe and all it stands for.

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