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Hawktooth's application for joining The Ironsong Tribe
Scout, Hawktooth


History- Hawktooth was born under a sign of a red moon during an extreemly stressful night of warfare outside of the Thunder Bluffs. His father a warrior for the Bluffs was away when he was born, fighting off the Alliance from their homeland in hopes that his wife would have a healthy young calf. She did and in honor of his father, Hawkeye she named her son, Hawktooth. Hawktooth grew up under the training of his father in the art of war. He has fought in several skirmishes and wars in his time giving him the comfidence that he will be able to live on no matter what happens. His mother taught him to worship the earth mother for all that she has blessed the Tauren with.

First Aid

I have played in Ultima Online as a member of The Order of the Ebon Skull a guild in Ultima Online on the Atlantic Server.

I was drawn in to join this guild due to the fact that it is an Role Playing guild and it has been about a year since I was in an active well kept role play guild.

The greatest trial would have to be becoming a member of the Order of the Ebon Skull as stated above, like this guild there was a six week waiting time in which you role played as a slave and did as the members wished of you.

My current goals are to become a member of this guild and to do my best to attain some of the nicest friends, companions, role play experiences, weapons, and armour a person could ask for. Though I understand all of this comes with time.

The sights, sounds, and feel of the World of Warcraft somthing I personaly had waited for since its beta test.

I have read and agreed to the CoC, I find it necessisary to have structure in today's RP system.

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