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Having Trouble Finding Groups?
In light of raiding discussion, and some of the frustration folks are expressing over just finding 5-man groups, I figured I'd offer up some pointers on how to improve your odds of getting a group. If others have ideas I've missed, please do post them!

1) Join the channel IronsongLFG. You can do this by opening a chat window, and typing: /join IronsongLFG

2) Join IronsongLFG. Because it should be said twice.

3) Don't be afraid to ask in /tells, even for people you don't know! IST is a HUGE guild, and odds are you're not going to know many of the people online. If someone is in the right level range for an instance you want to go to, and they don't look like they're busy (in another instance, talking about doing other stuff in guildchat or IronsongOOC) ask them if they'd like to come! I've gotten many, many group members this way, and I've never had someone be rude to me for asking. In some cases, they're glad I asked, because they felt shy asking for groups themselves! Common rules of courtesy apply here - ask politely, be brief, and if they say no, thank them anyways.

4) If you need more people, be specific about what your group needs. The most common form of this is folks asking for DPS, and it turns out they need Crowd Control /and/ DPS. As an elemental shaman, I can dish out the damage, but have no crowd control ability whatsoever. Not all of us DPSers have CC Tongue

5) Be persistent and patient. Sometimes forming a group takes a while. Sometimes people that would go don't see your first message in IronsongLFG, so ask every few minutes. More than that can get spammish, but don't feel bad if your first request gets no replies.

6) Know what you can do well, and try to know what others can do. Remember that others might not know your class or spec very well, so they might not realize how useful you can be! Likewise, it's good to know when you /wouldn't/ be useful - I've passed up group invites with Logros because I knew the group really needed some Crowd Control.

7) If you're not a tank/healer, be ready to be more patient. It's not a great situation, but it's there - we have few tanks/healers, and lots and lots of DPS. A thrown rock at an IST gathering will probably bounce off two hunters and an enhancement shaman before it hits the ground. All classes can be useful in a group, but if you're a DPS class, realize that you've got a lot more competition. Not that I'd encourage *hint* others to try their hand at *hint* tanking or healing, because *hint* that'd just be silly, right?

8) Come to a group prepared. It's frustrating for group members when after two wipes, someone announces they need repairs. Come to the instance fully repaired, with reagents for your spells, and enough potions/bandages to last you the trip. If you don't know the instance at all, a quick browse through the instance on http://wowwiki.com can be a big help.

9) Install a threat meter mod. The most popular of these is Omen, and it can be found here, but KTM also works, and can be found here

10) Help others out on quests/instances that you don't "need"! Helping others out leaves a lasting impression, and it's a great way to have fun with other Tribemates. When I'm looking to fill a slot for a Heroic, or I see you asking for help with some annoying quest, I'm a lot more likely to lend a hand or toss an invite if I know you. If I don't, it doesn't mean I won't, but really, most folks would help a friend over a stranger. IST is a really good example of receiving what you put into it - help others, and sometimes you'll be amazed at what others will do to help you.
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)
Great suggestions, Logros!

I've found that sometimes you just have to pull out the big guns to fill that last slot in a group (usually tank or healer as you point out). Here's what I'll do.

* Do a /who Warrior 70 (for example, if looking for a tank).

* Sort by name.

* Immediately eliminate anyone who is already in an instance or a Battleground.

* Compose a polite /tell, such as "Pardon the interruption. Would you care to tank for Heroic Mech? We just need a tank and we're ready to go." You can then copy that message before sending it and paste it into tells to other folks on your list.

* Send it to three or four people at a time. Give them time to respond. As Logros mentions, it's really important to thank them for their time even if they can't or don't want to come.

* After a while, send it to a few more on your list. Eventually, you will find someone to fill that last slot. I've used this method with great success before. It just takes a little patience.

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