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Hashikanos Apllication
Hail, I am Hashikano Doomstorm, proud warrior of the horde and also soldier of Hammerfall.

My vocation is the one of a proud and honorable warrior, who fights to defend his lands from any threats.

I am a very independent person, since my parents where taken away I have had to take care of myself. No one was ever there for me, but since that I have been wishing for a family..a family of friends. People that will be there when I need them and vice-versa.

I am trained in the ways of picking up flowers in other words herbalism, with this flowers I may help other people brew their potions, mostly healing ways. And I am also trained in the ways of mining, which helps me give proper material to make strong armors for the horde, by giving it to a blacksmith.

In the past I have been with the Giraffe Slayers((Non RP, couldn´t find any at the moment.)).

My interest in joining the Ironsong tribe is that I am looking for a family...I have been alone for almost all my life, and I would like to know what is a family, and I am willing to aid that family and defend it with honor and strength. My heart carries goodness not evilness...I look back into the past and feel sorry for our brethren the fel orcs..that could not fight the demonic powers of Mannoroth.

My biggest trial in life was when they took my parents away, since then I had to carry a independent life, hunt my own food, build my won shelter, it wasn´t the best of my moments but it help me to become strong. But I did not give up I kept training in the ways of the warrior, and here I am a grown up man. Fighting for the Horde.

My goals in life are simple, become the best warrior the horde has ever seen, find a family..which I would like to have, And the last and most important, find my parents. I know they are alife somewhere. And I will not give up until I find them, and by my honor I shall find them.

And as far as the Code of Conduct of your tribe I have understood it, and will follow its rules. Letter by letter and phrase by phrase.
Thank you..

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