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Hey all! This was originally posted by Gnarck:

[Image: harshcontitle2tp4.jpg]

After a lot of planning and many months of antici....pation, Harsh Winter finally raided Las Vegas.

We stayed at the appropriately themed Excalibur.

V and Leo in front of Excalibur

Excalibur at Night

The first day we met up for lunch. It was the first time many of us had seen each other in person. (Clockwise from the oaf in light blue: Gnarck, Leo, V, Euthan, Nuala, Mr. Nuala, Ralu, Boozerg)

First Lunch

I discovered early on, that Euthan was saucy in real life too.

Euthan is Saucy

Although when he got his head stuck in Spongebob he lost a bit of his mystique.

Spongebob Loves Euthan

We immediately began questing for tickets. The first night, some of us saw Ka by Cirque Du Soleil. It featured an amazing hyrdraulic stage that I wish to replicate in my bedroom. (There's a group shot from that night which I will scan and post later.)

That night we had dinner at the Excalibur buffet.

Buffet Dinner


The next day several of us went out for a walk. Euthan and I decided to buy giant beers and model with them.

On the Rocks

We stopped outside of NY NY the casino.

V and Euthan at NY

Casino Instance Team

I said: "Everyone do something funny." So of course, everyone is just standing there while I hang like a monkey from the fence. :p

The Funny Shot

We wandered through casinos and had lunch at Gameworks. It's a giant arcade. Outside of the arcade was a ninja statue.

A Good Place to Lean

A few of us kept on our journey. I got mauled by Siegfried and Roy's tiger, and met Humpty Dumpty.

White Tiger Eats Gnarck


Later we met up for the Tournement of Kings in the basement of the Excalibur. A bunch of doods on horses hit each other with pieces of metal while a midget and another dood in wizard costume paraded around. It was awesome.


The last day, a bunch of us just sat around the pool and sipped beer. It was about 95 degrees and the water was nice and cold. The boobs falling out of bikini tops were just bonuses. Sorry, no pics.

The last night, we decided to see a boobie show. But not just any! Another Cirque Du Soleil show called Zumanity. We also started carrying a picture of Bargle around with us. Partly because he so wanted to be there, but mostly because we're crazy. (Res is in the red shirt and Porp is to the right)

In Line for Zumanity

That's me in the back there licking Bargle from below....that's how he likes it.

Bargle is Tasty

That night we all went out to a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. It was excellent.

Thoguht, V and Bargle

Res, Ralu and Boozerg

Euthan and Bargle

Boozerg and Ressk

I owled my wife out. I didn't want you to find out she's inflatable.

Group Shot

After dinner we did a little gambling. A few of us decided to try out Craps. The first night, everybody won!


Even Bargle got in on the fun. (BTW you lost, you owe me $40US)

Bargle Plays Slots

While wandering around, we discovered that there was a club just for rogues! Awesome!

A Den for Thieves

And finally, I put Bargle in his place!

Bargle Feels Good

I want to thank everyone for meeting up in Vegas. It was great to see you all in person. I had an absolute blast!
And here's my message with my photos:

So, I didn't take many photos but other people did... There's at least one with a full group shot.
But anyway, these are mine:

Res and Ressk (and Merlin and dragon)...
[Image: res-ressk.jpg]

Res, Ressk, Boozerg, Ralu, and Porphyry (is she dancing?)
[Image: res-ressk-booze-ralu-porph.jpg]

V and Leotie
[Image: v-leotie.jpg]

[Image: leotree.jpg]

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