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Harjatan Nutshell Guide
Just a quick refresher for this fight:

This is a single-phase encounter.  It's pretty straightforward, mostly a tank-and spank with a couple adds.


* Positioning the boss is flexible.  Tank him facing away from the raid, except:
* Face Harjatan TOWARD the raid as he approaches full energy to split the damage from Unchecked Rage
* Turn Harjatan AWAY from the raid while he's ice debuffed (when he looks blue)
* Taunt swap every 5+ stacks of Jagged Abrasion
* Pick up murlock adds and tank them on the boss (if taskmasters are a problem, they can be tanked 10 yards away, but they weren't a problem last week). 


* If you get the blue circle, run out, ideally behind the boss.
* AoE the adds down.
* Gladiators fixate players, keep them in the pile of adds.
* Use raid cooldowns when ice stacks on the boss are about to end.
* Healers coordinate healing cooldowns for Harjatan's Unchecked Rage and Frosty Discharge.
* Avoid the pools on the ground, they'll be drawn toward him and absorbed by Draw In.
* Bloodlust on the pull

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