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Happy Happy-
Birthday Sreng!

Hope you have a good one. Wink Whatcha gonna do? Sit home with Meathook and a hookah? Or perhaps go hunting in the Borean Tundra or maybe Sholazar Basin!
((Happy birthday Sreng!))
Happy birthday, you! I hope it's a good day for you!

You share a birthday with one of my best friends, incidentally. Forkin' Scorpios... I'm surrounded! ;D
Happy Birthday, Sreng! Big Grin
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
((Sreng here, just using Fleet's machine and too lazy to relog!))

Thanks for the love, everyone! Today I rolled around the Tundra with my new companion, the Devilsaur Malefactor. It was great!
A little late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Warlord !!!!!
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
((Its a bit late cause I worked yesterday but...... Happy Birthday Sreng!))

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