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Han'zok and Franzgar
This is the first fight in the Black Forge wing of Blackrock Foundry, and the recommended second boss.  It’s a movement-heavy fight in which the environment plays a heavy role.  The fight is particularly difficult for healers, who will have to manage unavoidable damage.


This is a single-phase fight during which we’ll fight two bosses who share health.  The fight takes place on five conveyor belts that sometimes move.

Throughout the fight, one of the two bosses will sometimes leave the fight to activate the conveyor belts and cause a certain type of high or lethal damage to be dealt to players in certain areas of the room.  After 30 seconds he’ll return and the encounter will continue until the other boss leaves to activate the belts, etc.  So the raid will have to avoid the damaging areas, while contending with the movement of the belts, and the abilities of the bosses.

The Environment

The entire room is comprised of 5 conveyor belts.  Each belt is further divided into 4 sections.  By default, the belts are stationary (in this case it’s like a regular floor), but under certain circumstances the belts move, the carrying players standing on them.  All the belts move in the same direction at the same speed.

There are very small gaps between the 5 rows of conveyor belts, and standing in these gaps means you can stand still between the moving belts.  (However, standing in these gaps does NOT protect players from boss abilities called “Searing Plates” and “Pulverized.”).

Players who get too close to the walls where the conveyor belts enter or exit the room will take a lot of fire damage.

Searing Plates(Hans’gar ability): searing metal plates come into the room on conveyor belts.  Each plate covers one of the 4 sections on each belt.  Players who come into contact with them take a massive amount of damage every second.  The searing plates come in waves.  There are two different ways in which the searing plates can be laid out.  The plates can either have a staggered pattern, such that players can weave between them, or the belts will come lined up, such that there is just one gap that players must run through (like a gap in a wave).  Several lines may come after the other, in which case the gap will be on a neighboring belt (though an edge gap may be followed by a gap at the opposite edge).

Pulverized (Franzok ability):  A large number of metal presses stamp marked sections of the conveyor belts, dealing lethal damage to anyone hit by them.  The sections are marked roughly 1-2 seconds in advance, so it is possible to move out.  The presses also come in waves.

Here’s the timing of Searing Plates and Pulverized

100 - 85% health: bosses together.
85 - 70%: Hans’gar will leave and activate Searing Plates.  Hangar returns and Searing Plates ends at 70%
70 - 55%: bosses together.
55 - 40%: Franzok leaves and activates Pulverized.  He returns and Pulverized ends at 40%.
40 - 25%: bosses together.
25 - 15%:  Hans’gar leaves and activates Searing Plates.  At 15% he returns and Searing Plates ends.
15% to the end: both bosses remain down.

Boss abilities

The two bosses share health, and have three shared abilities.  In addition to these Franzok has two extra abilities.

Shared abilities

* Body Slam:  They leap toward a random raid member (preferring the farthest ranged member).  They debuff that member and any other players in a 12-yard radius with Shattered Vertebrae, which increases physical damage.  The players targeted by Body Slam are clearly marked with a circle on the floor around them.  Then the boss leaps back to the tank where he debuffs the tank with Shattered Vertebrae as well.  As soon as that happens the whole raid takes two ticks of a small amount of physical damage from Aftershock.  This cannot be avoided, and requires a tank swap.

* Crippling Suplex:  the bosses smash the two tanks against each other.  This is used by the remaining boss when one leaves to activate the belts.  The two tanks deal physical damage to each other equal to their own maximum health pools (so each tank will inflict his maximum health pool in damage to the other).

* Pumped Up:  Passive ability that causes the bosses to be more dangerous as their health decreases.

Franzok's additional abilities

* Disrupting Roar:  Interrupts spell casting of all raid members if they are casting a spell when Disrupting Roar is used.

* Skullcracker: he throws a hammer at the location of a random raid member (he prefers melee) dealing high physical damage.  There is no way to avoid being hit by this.


The abilities are not too difficult on their own.  However, handling the abilities while the conveyor belts are in motion can result in a death.


* When the boss jumps away to Body Slam a ranged member, the tank must run out of melee to avoid having melee receive the Shattered Vertebrae debuff.
* Once the boss jumps back to the tank and inflicts Shattered Vertebrae on him, the other must taunt it off.
* Both tanks must use a defensive cooldown each time Crippling Suplex is cast (when they get knocked together).  It’s best not to have one tank massively better geared than the other.


* The raid’s position must be very dynamic during this fight.  The two bosses should be held together to benefit from cleaves.


* Don’t be casting when Disrupting Roar goes off.


* Healers will be under increasing pressure as Pumped Up makes the bosses more and more dangerous over the course of the fight.
* Healers must deal with tank damage from Crippling Suplex, increased by stacks of Shattered Vertebrae.
* Raid-wide damage from Aftershock, increased by Shattered Vertebrae
* Unavoidable damage from Skullcracker happens in melee
* Players getting hit by Searing Plates.

Handling the conveyor belts

This is a matter of quick reactions and good positioning.  Gaps in subsequent waves tend to be near each other.  For the stampers, get onto a gap between two belts and be ready to move into a safe section.  Use movement-enhancing abilities.  Use a Stampeding Roar rotation.

We’ll use Bloodlust at the start of the fight.  Alternatively, if the final stage with Pumped up is proving difficult, we’ll use Bloodlust then.

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