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Hairo the Poisonous
1) My name is Hairo, and I was once held in such high regard in Thrall's service as to be known by the title of Blood Guard.
2) I am a rogue by trade.
3) My name is Hairo, I am a rogue currently in duel service to the Lady Sylvannis and the Lord Thrall. I was once a leatherworker for my town in what is now the western plaguelands. The plague hit my town quickly and turned most of us into forsaken...those it did not kill outright. I have since been developing my skills to fight for the Horde ((I have more story to this character, but I can't remember it all off the top of my head right now.))
4) I am a leatherworker, and am currently developing my skills as to use the elements to enhance my crafts.
5) I was in a few guilds on my last realm, but since I've been transported to this realm, I've been a lone wolf.
6) I feel that The Ironsong Tribe has a strong sense of community to it, a group of people who will support one another in their endeavors. That is something that I hold to the end. I have met your warrior Abbru before, and he is an honorable warrior.
7) A close group of adventurers and myself once defeated the horrors of the Scarlet Monastary ((in game terms, we defeated SM when we were all 7 levels too low for it, all 4 sides.))
8) My current goals are to become honored enough to recieve a fast mount either by purchase or in service to Thrall. I also wish to improve my armor and weapons to fight alongside the heroes and destroy such beasts as Onyxia and the Molten Core.
9) The land of Azeroth amazes me so. I enjoy to travel the sights and take in the awe of it all. Currently I enjoy the beaches of Azshara, the tundra's of Winterspring, the deserts of Tanaris and the forests of Feralis the most.
10) I have read your rules, and hope that you find me a suitable applicant for your guild. For the Horde!

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