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Hail the New Allies
(( I’ve been consumed with my Muse lately - writing about four different short story projects at the same time, as well as working on a nonfiction novel, a webcomic, random art pieces that pop into my head and an overwhelming feeling that I don't have enough time to do my homework…

((It just so happens that this piece finished itself before the others. Rather than telling an adventure I wanted to establish a personality. I’m mildly pleased with the results. Suggestions and critiques are most welcome.))

Anathamon Brighttongue stood before the Naaru in its arcane cage. It pulsed slowly with faint bursts of blue light. Several arcanists paced around the base of the cage, chatting to one another and adjusting the binding enchantments holding the creature in its prison.

“We have no system for doing this, Anathamon, only the research done by Magister Astalor Bloodsworn. There is nothing to prepare you for the raw energy you are about to feast upon. There is no study, no lessons to learn. You either are ready or you will die, no middle ground. But there is also no sensation like it. During the course of their entire lives our lesser brethren will not taste anywhere near as much power as you are about to in this one instance.â€
I hope you've already got a placeholder character sitting on the name "Anathamon". It's absolutely perfect.

-Sreng the Disgusting Beast
Since I cancelled my account Rawne has been gracious enough to nab the name for me. Now I just have to survive until the released date...

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