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Hail Ironsong!
Zalere and I are interesting in getting to know you all better. We are a 60 Priest/60 Warrior looking for a close-knit bunch who do a lot of activities in-game together and have playtimes near ours (EST, after 6pm or so). Ironsong seems to fit that well.

Just a bit about myself, I've been into MMORPG's since EQ in 2001. I really like group PvP, and working with a small clan to achieve both individual and guild goals. I enjoy meeting folks and helping with pretty much anything, I don't have that driving need to advance only myself. My real life name is Jen, I'm from Cincinnati (10 mins from Kings Island), own a Pug & 2 cats, and work as a developer in a Data Warehouse team.

As far as roleplay I'm a lightweight in WoW. In DAoC on the Nimue server I was rather heavily into it and would roleplay in-game and post storylines out of game on the VN server boards. I have to admit roleplaying an undead feels rather limited in my opinion, considering the plague rather handily took care of the bulk of one's personality. However I did dream up a past for Elsebet and would have written more of it had work not suddenly become very busy in the past few months. *grin*

That said, I'm extremely respectful of those who do roleplay and refrain from any OOC chat if asked, and especially in the /yell and /say channels.
I have had a few nice moments of roleplay on Silver Hand, especially with Vildander in Orgrimmar, trying to rebut his worship of the "shadow god".

So that I do not turn this into a novel, I'll close by saying Zalere should be posting his own greeting in this thread as well and we hope we can get together with all of you sometime this weekend.
Hello, Elisabet! I think you might have mistaken information on how to roleplay a Forsaken. It took a little digging, but I found out that they are made up of mostly human citizens of Lordaeron before the war. They actually still have all their memories from that past life. This is why when you get quests from various citizens of the rotting sort they ask you to settle old scores, and collect items that were significant to them before they fell to The Plague.

The reason that so many are dark and strange are that they also retained the memories of being enthralled to the Lich King. You can imagine what four years of enslavement to an evil conquering force (like what i do for a living) can do to a person's sanity, especially when they turn you against your own people who now fear and despise your existence.

It doesn't make things any easier when they snap out of it, that their people only think of them as evil and don't want anything to do with them. The Forsaken leave a lot of interesting RP possiblities open to the creative mind.

Personally, Rawne used to be a low class thief before the Plague. He was brought over to the Forsaken from the Lich King's thrall with an intense addiction to violence and killing. Over time, the tribe and interacting with the world Azeroth has become has taught him to cool down his homicidal attitude and restored some of his sanity, and he's become more like he was before the Plague.

But he still hungers for vengeance against the Scourge and sees their destruction as his mission in un-life. His personality is much like it was before the war though, crude and boorish, but he has also picked up an edgier more dark side that often switches to violent outbursts and a distrust of all others. It's just what he went through, it'll stay with him forever.

Well enough about *my* character, heh. ; ) I hope you feel encouraged about RPing a Forsaken. I really love playing them, and interacting with other interesting Forsaken characters. We have a bond through mutual experience that helps us understand each other better than any other race ever will. We are Forsaken!


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