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Guildchat reconsidered
Hi folks,

I know that it seems like we've been up one side of this issue and down the other, so I ask you to bear with me while I open up the topic again.

While my online time is not as long as some others, over the past few months I haven't seen much roleplay happening outside of moots. We have gotten a little bit of it in the Ironsong channel, but for the most part, silence.

Spontaneously, a few days ago, I started RPing in guildchat and I got a pretty positive response. I feel like a lot of people have been missing that since it went away. I think that perhaps it's time to bring guildchat back IC.

I don't agree that having OOC guildchat has been good for camaraderie in the tribe. It hasn't been bad, per se, but it hasn't contributed what some people were hoping. Based on conversations I've had with some members (who may speak up and identify themselves if they wish; I won't do so just now), camaraderie and morale are good. So let's see about moving things back IC.

So here's what I'm envisioning: guildchat will be predominantly in-character. OOC chat will be permissible in double-parentheses, just like the old days. The OOC channel can be dragged up from the dirt if people want, and of course Vent is a great place if you just feel like chatting with your buddies.

Meanwhile, we're going to start taking some steps to encourage roleplay and story development. More on this in few days.

Guildchat will not officially revert to IC until I make an announcement saying so, so if anyone has any earth-shattering reason why they think this will kill us all and delete our accounts, speak now.
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I know it always easier to enforce a rule, but might we require ((...)) only at times where there is active RP in the guild channel.
Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
I believe I may have been one of those persons involved in said conversations, and it is true that I feel the comraderie amongst the tribe members for the majority is quite strong.

However I believe I may have mentioned during said conversations that the change to guildchat (uknowingly) had a negative impact on the level of RP this guild is typically known for. I also may have suggested that the quality of RP may have declined as well due to the influence of the extremely casual atmosphere of guildchat which is another topic all together.

All in all, I felt that this change was a good experiment but I also feel that we need to get back to our roots. I dont feel that any mistakes were made as we really didnt know what was going to happen and now, after a lengthy period of time we can really step back and see the results, the positive, and the negative.

If I may make a couple suggestions for everyone if we were to transition back to In-Character guild chat.

- Dont whip out the OOC Stick for OOC Chat. It still is a means for us to get to know each other personally as there are real people behind the characters and helps us understand each others individual ideas and personality traits of their characters. I would suggest that excessive OOC discussions be taken to an OOC channel or even in Ventrilo as it could conflict with those that are in "deep" RP in guild chat. Its actually quite engaging to have a live discussion about your character ideas/back story and get realtime feedback or constructive criticism.

- Over the time we have had OOC Guild chat we have gotten to know each other on a more personal level. Naturally as we roleplay we tend to connect with our characters and some of our personality is branded upon them. I would suggest that if/when we transition back, you start/try to see the character only, and not the person behind it. Some players may take this opportunity to redefine their characters, while others will revert to how they have always played their characters. As an example, there is one player whom I have gotten to know somewhat and he is a rather charming fellow, but the character he plays is quite different which means I need to ensure my character reactions to his characters actions arent influenced by the fact I know him on a personal level.

Hopefully this hasnt become too boring and my thoughts are useful to some.
Thanks Eru....and I agree, I am quite charming.
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Krell Wrote:Thanks Eru....and I agree, I am quite charming.

*walks up and pushes Krell off screen* Not you foo! :lol:
I think I understand what you are asking here Jaba. I feel it would be best if we kept ooc chatter clearly designated all the time, just to avoid ambiguity and backsliding.
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