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GuildAds Trial - Members & Allies Welcome!
Mok'ra, folks!

With the expansion soon upon us and the return of various folks, we've been seeing a flurry of activity (relatively-speaking!) both in guild as well as out! Once WotLK hits, you can bet there will be even more things happening (people questing, leveling up DKs, wanting to get together for dungeons, what-have-you), and we'll certainly want to have a good way to connect up with each other.

IronsongLFG has been a smashing success, in my opinion! From back when the idea was first concocted and it had such a small userbase, it's grown quite nicely, and has stayed relatively close to my original vision with it. However, it's main purpose has been for group-seeking and similar activities.
However, what about those times when someone may be seeking something other than a group, such as a tradeskill item? Or perhaps you're willing to sell a rare acquisition at a discounted price for guildmates or allies?

Presenting my next 'project' - instituting the use of the GuildAds addon for those willing to participate out of tribemates and allies alike! Not only can this be a good way to keep in touch with those out of Ironsong and provide another chat channel for communication as well as it being used to post ads (Ask or Have) for various items, but it can also show skill and reputation levels for each character, and even show where people are on your map, even if you aren't grouped with them!

I first used this addon in conjunction with Sanctuary of the Errant folk, years ago. It was quite useful back then mainly for ease of keeping in contact with them and friends, and the other nifty features of it. I figure that if we get a fair amount of tribemates and friends using it, it'd be quite the boon for when and after the expansion hits.

You should be able to download the latest version here.

If you want to take a look at it, once the mod is installed, you'll see a little scroll icon around the minimap. Right-click it to access the options, and in there, change the channel alias (whatever you want the channel to look like) and slash command you want to use to access the channel (for instance, it defaults to /ga to talk in the channel). Check the Manual channel configuration box and put in the following:

Name: istguildads
Password: meathook

Click on the Okay button, and it should connect in a few moments.

Questions or comments? Feel free to post them here!
Decided to move this to the general forum, since many of our friends/allies visit and don't have ideal forum access.
If I have outdated AddOns disabled, my UI works fine.

If I enable out-of-date Addons, and do not change any of the enabled AddOns, my chatbox goes white and crazy and I can't use any channels.

GuildAds is still called "out of date." Is there a way for me, or the maintainers, to label it as "Wrath Ready?"
The addon has been updated. The newest version can be located at http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addon...06080.aspx, and the link above has also been updated.

If it still shows as out-of-date (which it probably will, since I noticed the "## Interface" line is still showing 20400), you could try opening the GuildAds.toc file and changing the Interface 'version' from 20400 to 30000 and see if that fixes that odd chat window issue.
I'll try it when I go home this weekend.
Holding off on this until whenever the addon can be updated again (it's currently broken and causes chat window issues)
Works for me, it must have been updated.
Woo, it does work again! Hooray!
However, it'd seem the developer still needs to update the addon with more new stuff, from what I've seen.

At any rate, the download link in the first page has been updated to only point to the addon page.
Seems like a really cool mod. I hope more people try it out.
For some reason I can't see myself or my other characters when I'm on my death knight, Not really a problem but its a bit wierd. Also the mod keeps saying there is a newer version of it available yet I can't find it online. Thoughts anyone?

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