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Guild moots...
Jess speakin' from sheer honesty, is there some way that we kin pick up the pace of the moots? It takes an obscenely long amount of time to accomplish so little. I realize some folks are exceptionally slow typers, but these meetings seriously go so slowly. Jess curious if there's some way that we kin start pickin' up the pace of events some rather than takin' 1 hour for someone to mention one new event they came up with.
(( Keep in mind, Syfer, that these are non-required guild events. Smile And, it's possible (and acceptable) to show up, stay for awhile, and leave...or even show up late... I do think we need a bit of restraint with some of the interruptions that occurr while perspective guild members are speaking, but I also know that Moots are the highlight of the week for some of us...and the only time a great number of us are in one place at the same time for RP, etc. ))
(This is most likely the last Moot to feature potential Peons in this manner. We will be handling new members differently starting as soon as possible after the holidays. Next weeks Moot will be much less formal for anyone who happens to be online at that time.)
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Well, I was just commentin' on this because I sat through two hours and left cuz it were takin' so bleeding long to get to the promotions bit as per becomming a full member. So I kinda missed out on that bit.
I love the moots personally. RP flies like crazy and it's just a really nice break from the grind for exp, loot, materials. Smile
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(( I agree with Chaska... I have always enjoyed the Moots...yes, they take time, but what does one day out of the week really matter for your grind to 60? <shrugs> But, maybe that's why I still only have one 60... (without her full blue set) but, then again... I am one of those nut balls that would rather sit around Orgrimmar, talking around the council fire all night, then out killing X-Mob alone Smile ))

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