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Guild Tradeskill List
Welcome, tribemates, to the Tradeskill list!
With previous expansions, we have maintained a sticky with a list of folks with rare recipes, such as those available only from drops or from reputation vendors. With the improvement to the guild window functions, it's now possible to see what guildmates have what professions, and you can even see what recipes they have available, on demand! See how below!
(You can click on any image to see a larger version)

If you wish to go directly to the album and scroll through the images on there, follow this link!

First, you'll need to open up your Guild window (default keybind of J) and then click on the Roster tab!
[Image: WoWScrnShot_122310_160236.jpg]

Click the dropdown list at the top-right corner of the screen!
[Image: WoWScrnShot_122310_160240.jpg]

Then, click on Professions!
[Image: WoWScrnShot_122310_160245.jpg]

By default, you'll only see the professions of those whom are currently online. Click on the "Show Offline Members" checkbox to see everyone!
[Image: WoWScrnShot_122310_160251.jpg]

Everyone's professions in the guild will be shown! Click on one of the professions that you want to see recipe lists of!
[Image: WoWScrnShot_122310_160257.jpg]

To make things easier, click on the Skill heading to sort by skill level in that particular profession.
[Image: WoWScrnShot_122310_160306.jpg]

Lastly, click on someone's name in order to see their recipe list!
[Image: WoWScrnShot_122310_160310.jpg]

Hooray! You can snoop through a guildmate's recipe list and randomly send them items to get something crafted!
[Image: WoWScrnShot_122310_160328.jpg]
Kretol Earthshaker

Army of Alts:
Karthrok, Kevarn, Kamran, Skoln, Mothok, Madoc, Mordruk, Krotahk

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