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Guild Auction: Hurricane Deck
Hello Everyone.

I've completed a [item]Hurricane Deck[/item] that allows one to trade it to the Darkmoon Faire for a Strength or Agility epic trinket. I am going to start an auction in this thread that's open to the guild starting next Thursday 3/3 after the moot, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the guild bank.

The way the auction will work is that people will be free to start bidding on it as soon as the auction starts on Thursday. If 3 days go by that no one bids on the item then I will close bidding and the most recent and highest bidder will be deemed the winner and announced in the thread. I will arrange a time to meet them in game and exchange the deck for the gold. Then the money will be donated to the guild bank.

If you have any questions or concerns please post them here. Thank you.
Ok. Looks interesting. What's the minimum starting bid? (I see that as far as mats go its worth about 50-70k (no that's not my bid!) On the AH prolly 12k?)
The bidding will start at 5000 gold.
Heck! If no-one is going to start, I'll do it. I'll meet that bid!
I actually am going to start taking bids on Thursday. But thanks for your enthusiasm!
That explains it. Thank you!

(Posted via my phone)
I will now open bidding on the [item]Hurricane Deck[/item] to make the [item]Darkmoon Card: Hurricane[/item] (or the Strength equivalent) when turned into the Darkmoon Faire. As a reminder all proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Guild Bank.

Bidding will start at 5000 gold. Feel free to place higher bids even if I don't respond.

If a bid is left uncontested after three consecutive days I will call off the auction and announce the winner.

Please begin.

(Posted via my phone)

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Only a hundred increment? Preposterous!
Well, now we know who has all the money in the guild. hee hee.
Just trying to keep things exciting! Wink
6000 going once, do I hear 6100?

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Donalzon is the winner with a bid of 6500! Congrats! Thanks everyone for participating.

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