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Guarm Nutshell Guide
Guarm is a single phase fight with a fast enrage timer.

* Pull Guarm to one side of the bridge, facing onto the bridge.
* Tanks stack on top of each other as Guarm's tank attacks will also strike the nearest target.
* Ranged and healers stand in a semicircle the other side of the bridge, leaving a 25 yard cone-shaped space in front of Guarm free except for the tanks.  Stand 5 yards apart.
* Melee stand to one side of Guarm.

Raid sub-groups:
* We will divide the raid into THREE groups.  Each group will be assigned a color -- green, blue, and orange.

* Guarm will cast Guardian's Breath, which will place 3 different colored cones on the ground in front of him:  green, blue, and orange.  Each group needs to stand in their assigned color.  After the first breath, each person will get a debuff which will require them to stand in that color for the subsequent breaths.  If you stand in the wrong color, you die.  Guam will receive a 5% damage buff for every person NOT standing in the breath, so you must make sure to get into the right color, every time.

* Flashing Fangs is a 25 yard cone attack, but as long as the ranged are far enough away this should not be a problem.

* 3 debuffs:  Guarm will target players with three different types of debuffs.  These will spread to anyone within 5 yards, so ranged must be spread out.
1. Flame lick:  pulsing AoE damage
2. Shadow lick: heal absorption shield that will need to be healed through to be removed.
3. Frost lick:  roots players in place, can be dispelled.  Make sure to dispell them before a breath goes out so the players can move to their designated color.

Two charges:

1. Against melee: Knockback + jump:  Guarm will knock close players back (tanks and melee), then will jump onto the largest cluster of players, doing damage and knocking them into the air.  Melee should stay bunched up after the initial knockback to attract the leap.  This makes it easier for the tanks to grab and reposition the boss after each leap.

2. Headlong Charge:  He will jump to one of four corners of the room and do a quick lap.  Collapse to the center of the bridge and dodge him as he passes.  There will be a lot of raid damage, use cooldowns.

Lather, rinse, repeat:  move to assigned color, fan out afterwards, ranged stay spread out, don't get hit by Guarm's headlong charge.
Here is the Line of Sight 2-minute guide.  Please watch this so you know what is coming!


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