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Gruul's lair guide lines
Welcome To Gruul's Lair. A weekly event run by myself and Efluvious on Saturdays at 3:30PM. This is a short instance encounter that requires rock solid performance to master. For those of you interested in going, please read the following rules and please speak to myself or Efluvious about invitations (1 time will be sufficient, those who ask 5 times tend to make me want to brain them) at the appropriate time. Mizar has been kind enough to draw out the rules for this raid in great detail. As it stands we tested the waters last week and defeated High King Molgur, so I have high hopes and high expectations for what we can accomplish in this instance.

Gruul’s Lair Raiding Rules

I. Invite Procedure.
A. There must first be all needed spots filled for the fight, before general invites are accepted. These being:
i. One well geared tank-Maulgar
ii. Three well geared healers to heal Maulgar Tank.
iii. One mage tank-Krosh
iv. One healer for the mage tank.
v. Two tanks-Olm
vi. One healer for Olm tanks
vii. Two warlocks for enslave/banish for Olm’s Felhounds
viii. Two hunters-Kiggler
ix. One healer for Kiggler tanks.
x. One tank for Blind-eye
xi. One healer for Blind-Eye
xii. At least one Shadow Priest.
B. The first three spots are decided by the raid leaders in advance, all others are dependent on who is invited, but said spots must be filled without exception.
C. The rest of the spots are given to DPS classes. While there is no preference to classes, there must be a balance of ranged and melee damage, due to the nature of several of Maulgar’s Adds. It would be preferable to have at least 2-3 classes with access to:
i. A priest with Silence
ii. A rogue with Kidney Shot
iii. A rogue with Improved Kick
iv. A hunter with Silencing Shot
v. A warrior with Improved Shield Bash
vi. A warrior with Intercept
vii. A mage with Improved Counterspell
D. Out of guild players previously invited by raid leadership will be treated as guild members, for the sake of invites.
E. Either Efluvious, or Damoxian will call out for people wishing to attend the raid at a designated time. Simply asking to come is not a guarantee of invitation, as raid balance must be preserved in order for anything to get done. Sending a tell during the designated time shows your interest in the raid, and allows raid leaders to pick from available applicants.

II. Raiding
A. Courtesy- While in the raid, all players must remain courteous and respectful to all others. While we’d prefer to avoid any ugliness, any players that are blatantly disrespectful to the other players in the raid, either in public or private channels, will be asked to leave. If another player verbally assaults you during the raid due to something you said or did, please report it to the raid leaders.
B. Instructions- It is expected that players will follow orders from raid leaders. During encounters, if raid leaders ask for instructions, or fight observations, feel free to respond.
C. Players will be asked to please bring their own reagents for buffing. All players are expected to buff to their capabilities, barring any who do not have talents for certain buffs, in which case, talented buffs would be preferred. For example:
i. Paladins casting Greater Blessings
ii. Priests casting Group Fortitude and Divine Spirit (if talented)
iii. Druids casting Group Mark of the Wild
iv. Mages casting Arcane Brilliance
v. Hunters using Trueshot Aura (if available)
vi. Shamans using Totems
vii. Warlock pet usage is up to the warlocks with the exception of the two warlocks that are enslaving/banishing felhounds.
D. Players are expected to perform to the best of their ability. People broadcasting damage meters is unacceptable, at any point during the raid, unless raid leaders allow it. Players refusing to participate in fights will be warned once, and then will be removed if the behavior continues.
E. Behaviors that could lead to being removed from the raid are as follows:
i. Harsh criticism of fellow players
ii. Verbal assaults
iii. Refusal to participate

III. Loot Rules
A. Loot Rules are as follows:
i. All loot is /random 1-100
ii. Players may only /random if they have not won anything during this specific raid.
iii. If players have won something, they are ineligible to win another item.
iv. If an item as dropped, and no one wants it, it will be sent to a disenchanter
v. If an item drops that would be sent to disenchant, and a player that has already won something could put it to use, they may roll on it. In the event that multiple players who have won something want the same item, that no one else wants, they will /random for it.
vi. You may only roll on items that you can put to use. Example: A feral druid may not roll on spell damage gear, or healing gear, unless it would otherwise be sent to disenchant.
vii. All loot is set to group loot. All players must pass when looting has begun, and the items appear on screen. Players may not loot the corpse unless they have won an item. If they have won an item, they are allowed to take that item, and only that item. Players who ninja items, either by taking them from the corpse, or rolling need/greed with the intent to take the item, without allowing other players a chance at it, will be removed from the raid, and will be further blacklisted from future raids.
IV. Pre-Raid
A. All players should bring their own reagents.
B. Players may feel free to bring elixirs, or flasks
C. The first even hour before the raid, Damoxian will lead a group up to Bash’ir landing, to do the Blade’s Edge flask event. This is dependent on the current supply of Blade’s Edge flasks, and may not be done at all, if flask supplies are high.
D. Efluvious or Damoxian will call out for people to send them tells for invites. Applicants are advised NOT to send them tells before hand, or to spam channels asking when it is, or if invites have started. Invites will always start at a certain time, unless otherwise specified. Summons to the entrance to the area will be provided, as long as there are two people present at the stone.
E. Spot preference will only be given to required spots.

All rules are subject to change as time goes on, and as situation demands it.
Having not the slightest idea what in fact this place is, what is required for entry, or if my pathetic gear is sufficient- I'll go anywhere someone needs something bitten.
Considering how some of the top raiding guilds on the server have struggled with Gruul's Lair, downing the High King was pretty awesome. I expect to see great things from this group, and I look forward to being part of it.
There is no attunment necessary for Gruul's lair, but the required slots listed above (the main tank, at least 4 of the healers, the hunters, the warlocks and the magetank) MUST meet certain gear requirements by the nature of the fight.

As an example, take the main tank. He has to be able to withstand taking regular hits from the high king that hit for 6-8k and the occasional crushing blow (when shieldblock is on cooldown) for as much as 10k AND can be hit at the same time by a cleave that hits for about 6k. so in essence, the main tank has to be able to survive a hit for 16k burst damage, and be able to mitigate as much as possible as well. Tongue

For more information about the two boss encounters, I suggest people go read the thread below that Anathamon wrote some months back, or just head to Wowwiki.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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Isn't that why we keep Serous around?

Lord knows it isn't for his looks.
Wooo! You changed it to 3:30! I was worried because I'm scheduled to work till 3 this weekend and didn't know if I'd be able to make it home quick enough to get in on invites. It's only a 3, maybe 4 block drive, so I'll easyly make it home by 3:30.

I do ask... Is there any reason you specify hunter's with Trueshot Aura, as opposed to Ferocious Inspiraton or Expose Weakness? Heck, as a warlock, I'd have thought you'd prefure Inspiration as that helps all damage, not just physical.
I am ready to dance in whatever capacity you need.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Each Player is eligible for one and only one pair of each of the tier 4 pieces (that means, for instance, that if I brought Grommash and rolled on his t4 shoulders, Efluvious would NOT be eligible to roll on them; if Efluvious got the tank shoulders and respec'd dps he could NOT another t4 shoulder item).

The other random items that drop are eligible to all who attend regardless.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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Just for clarity, that means that each person can only get 1 t4 piece, ever? (Or until everyone else has one.. hah!)

If you win a non-T4 piece, you can't roll on anything else that raid, but can roll on things in the next one?
[Image: 2270166Iryxy.png]
Dromand (70 Tank/Healing Paladin), Logros (70 Enhancement Shaman), Denul (70 Shadow Priest), Bendon (70 AH-Mule Rogue)
In the event of you getting a T4 piece, you are ineligible to roll on ANY characters of yours until a time comes no one wants the piece, that does not already have it.

In other words, if you Logros, won the T4 shoulders, you could not roll on the shoulders for that charactor until there is no rogue/shaman/paladin rolling for it, in which case, you could roll again. Likewise, if you won the T4 shoulders on your shaman, then brought your rogue, that charactor could not roll on the item either.

This clause was put in, to prevent item mongering. Due to concerns presented to the raid leaders, of people winning items, that had a lot of alts showing up on alt characters that did not have the piece, and then rolling on the T4 piece, so they had a second, whilst other people did not have even one to speak of.

In summary.

Player X has their class win the T4 shoulders off of Maulgar.
Next week
Player X brings an alt character, that character may not roll on the shoulders, unless there is no one rolling on it that already has it.
Alright, as with many things changes in times dictate changes in rules. So from now on we will continue to use the weighted roll system, but everyone will be eligible for set pieces even if you have already received one. The rule one piece of loot per player per run is still in effect however.

I would like to add one note, please be courteous on loot as well. We all want some yes, but if for instance you win a roll on an offset of shoulders/alt's shoulders and the next person on the roll is someone that doesn't have one yet, give it some thought as to pass or not. This is not a rule of course, just common courtesy, please keep it in mind that we work as a team for these raiding opportunities and should keep each other in mind.

Keep coming and lets get ready for bigger and better things!
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

[Image: playerfeed_1902018_bigsig.gif]

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