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Grunt Lhuurssa reporting!
Now that I've managed to reach my 40th season, I'd like to offer my assistance to anyone who may need it. Whether it's as an escort through dangerous lands or perhaps dealing with some of the nasties in Ragefire Chasm and the Wailing Caverns, feel free to ask. I will generally announce in guild chat if I am available for help or if I have other plans, but still ask.
Thankee for your kind offer Lhuurssa. I should like to add that if someone needs help please ask in GC or let us know. I have a bit of telepathy but cannot actively read minds. Many times I see comments of frustration from those who have not asked for help. As current Champion I consider it my duty to actively help others, so do not ever feel you are imposing. If I am not of sufficient level or am otherwise engaged, I can sometimes find another who can help. Simply ask and we will do our best.

Remember that in Ironsong, we fight as one.


PS: Lhuurssa...I will notify you if you are needed, and please do the same with me.
Sing True Ironsong!
It might also be wise to try to set a time/date for a run. I, too, have seen frustration from Tribemates needing help. If you know you need to run thru Scarlet Monastary, or you are workiing on the Blight quests, try to set it up in advance. It is easier all the way around, then. Dispaya, you do a wonderful job helping others! And Lhuurssa, your offer is appreciated, too!

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