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Hail, fellow Horde members. I am Senior Sergeant Griknor, Lord of the Cave of the Nothingness. I am a loyal Warrior of the Horde, and the Argent Dawn.

I have been fighting the enemies of the horde for five years now. it has been a long road with many hardships, I am the last alive of the comrades I once knew (I switched servers in BC). I once tried to become a Paladin, so i searched for the group known as the Argent Dawn, they stated I could not become one but that I could still join their ranks. From there i fought the forces of darkness where ever they be and that is what has lead me to Northrend.

I am a Grand Master Blacksmith, Axe Smith and Miner. Being the warrior that I am I also took up the art of bandage crafting. I also have a love for cooking though battle does not always allow me time to hone its particular intricacies. I once upon a time tried to learn to Fish, that did not end well *chuckles*.

As i recall in the early days in my carrier as a warrior for the Horde i meet a band a mercenaries Known as The Warlords, they were an interesting bunch, ruled by one named Thunder, he unfortunately died(got banned supposedly). Sindel his second in command took charge for many a months before deciding to become a scholar leaving her days as a mercenary behind her(went to college). It was then I became a lone warrior yet again till I meet a troll by the name of Wyclef, he invited me to his mercenary band The Second Coming, not sure why it was named that oh well. I stayed with them for two years before i felt it was time to move on. On my lonely adventures through our Orcish brethren's shattered home world of Draenor, i confined to myself much of the time. I joined one clan during this time(alt made) called The Fenris Clan, left shortly after helping establish it. Upon entering Northrend in the first wave i was alone yet again only surrounded by those in direct service to our Warchief Thrall. I reached The Argent Stand where i meet many familiar faces from my time with The Argent Dawn, I decided to make a faction for horde members exclusively, as a sub section of them called the Order of the Silver Dawn. Again i felt i was not doing enough for the Horde and felt i should join our stronger comrades and left the guild to my second in command Daggoth(alt). A few short time employments here and there with various mercenary bands. I joined two mercenary bands, Death Sentence and Mindless Violence, both of which did very little in allowing me to aid the horde.

I believe in my joining in you glorious tribe that i may attain my goal of defeating the enemies of the Horde and Argent Dawn where ever they hide. I have on sever occasion had the honor of serving with several of your great and aspiring Tribe mates, Donalzon, Ankoo, Mercini, and Shadowstalker to name a few. We have dispatched swift justice in every encounter we have faced. I feel my continued work with them and joining the ranks with them would benefit everyone.

My greatest trial was very recent but was accomplished, it was the defeat of Kel'thuzad, though I know he will be brought back again it will slow the Lich Kings progress and that will suffice for now.

I enjoy the meeting of new people in Azeroth, and defeating the evils of the world where ever they might be.

I hope that I may be able to aid the glorious Ironsong Tribe, by joining it. Thank you for the chance to join your ranks.
((i understand the code of conduct completely and utterly, and i will abide by the rules set by the guild))
Thank you for your interest in joining our guild, and I humbly apologize for the length it has taken to get a reply. Please come to the moot this Thursday to make your introductions.

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