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Greetings and well met, Dedawen here....
Greetings friends. My name is Dedawen, I am a druid of 21 seasons who hails from Mulgore. I am a Tauren by birth and an alchemist/herbalist by choice. I am still young in Azeroth, though I was born a year ago I have not seen much action until recently ((My computer broke down soon after Dedawen's creation)). I have never been a member of a guild in Azeroth, though in other realms I have been both member and leader of various guilds and groups. What drew my interest to Ironsong has been word of muzzle - so many of my good friends are members (Krell, Uglwaha, Kryall, Ulieb, Cristoff etc) and sing the praises of their guildmates. My current goals at this point really is to just continue to prosper and grow and to meet friends along the path!

I watched a couple Ironsong Tribe members last night outside the XRoads helping to defend our territory from outlanders. I tried to assist as well but... well, being inexperienced in fighting the Alliance within a blink of an eye I was grazing in heavenly pastures so I'm afraid I may not've made a great impression other than as proof that Taurens do make WONDERFUL fertilizer.

Right now I am growing and learning the power of a Druid, and learning just what I can and cannot do. I welcome the chance to grow with friends!

((OOC: I work nights, with Tues and Weds being my days off. I am normally online after midnight PST or early in the day. I do work Thursdays when the MOOTS are scheduled, I hope that will not be an issue. I have one alt that I play as well, her name is Dunnwindy, a 13 season Hunter))
As a longtime friend to Dedawen, I will gladly step forward and offer my sponsorship.

Orc Hunter
((I've known Dedawen/Dunnwindy for years. In fact, I even named the two main characters in one of my best plays after his characters. He has a great sense of humor is a joy to adventure with. I would love to see him in Ironsong!))
<< Did you name a character after me??? >>

((Yes... the foul-smelling bad guy in my most recent play is named Jay Krelldor. *grin* ))
<< Perfect!!! Wait........huh? >>

Deda is nice Tauren! I recommend him toos!

((Played with him in EQ and SWG. He is a nice person and a good player))

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