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Great Raiders Deserve a Great Deal
I just wanted to remind and encourage everyone to take advantage of the Flask Exchange Program. For those who might be unfamiliar with the program it's basically a way for IST raiders to get flasks with minimal amount of preparation and farming on their part. Simply come to the raid with one or two frost lotuses and I will exchange flasks for them at the rate of 2 flasks for each frost lotus. Basically you don't have to farm or purchase the extra herbs and also don't need to be an alchemist to make the flask, we provide the cost and labor for you as part of showing up to the raid.

I strongly encourage people to take advantage of this program. It really helps the raid a lot when you have the proper consumable buffs for each raid. It means:

A) We clear trash faster. Which means we have more time to do attempts on new bosses which in turn means we can do more bosses each week.

B) It makes boss attempts that much more solid. If all the DPS are flasked that means a sizable increase on the amount of damage we do on each attempt. If all the healers and tanks are flasked that leads to a lot less people dying and avoiding potential wipes.

C) You are making a statement that you are committed to the raiding efforts of the Tribe. When people see that you are flasked and prepared for the night they feel more confident that you are putting in 100% into each raid, and that confidence equates to better morale and higher performance for the raid.

If the idea of bringing frost lotuses to each raid is somewhat daunting to you, feel free to start an account with me by sending me extra lotuses at any time and I will keep track of how many flasks I owe you.

Frost Lotuses have gone up in price considerably since the patch so you are probably going to pay about 25-30g each for a lotus, which equates to 75-90g a week for raiding. However if you really think about what you get out of a regular spot in one of our awesome raids--fun, excitement, comradery, a healthy environment, and the chance for great loot (and led by experienced and dedicated raid leaders and officers)--I hope you'll feel that it's worth giving something back.

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