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Grand Magistrix Elisande
Hi everyone,

Here is the two minute Line of Sight video guide!  Please take a look:


Elisande is a 3-phase encounter:  Elisande has mastered time, and she will cause us to repeat the encounter three times.  These are the three phases of the fight.  Each time she will gain new abilities, while past images of her will continue to cast spells from the previous phases.

Tank DoT:  Ablation.  Tanks swap after 4 stacks of Ablation.

Adds:  Time elementals:  Elisande will periodically summon Time Elementals to assist her in the fight.  They remain the same from phase to phase, and when they die they drop "Time Zone" domes on the ground that can provide buffs and alter Elisande's abilities.

* Blue add "Recursive Elemental" (this one doesn't move):  This one casts a shield on Elisande so it needs to be killed first.  Focus this one down first.  When it dies it will spawn a "Slow Time Zone" dome in its place.  If you step in it everything will be slowed -- movement, cooldowns, attack speed, and so forth.

* Pink add, "Expedient Elemental" (mobile one).  This one does increasing raid damage (and can be interrupted).  When it dies it will spawn a "Fast Time Zone" -- it grants a haste buff which speeds up movement, cooldowns, attack speed, cast speed.  Elisande's debuffs will also expire faster on you.  Note:  the Fast Time Zone shrinks every time it is used.

We will use these zones for multiple reasons throughout the fight.


Ground effect:  Elisande will cast Arcanetic ring periodically -- she'll teleport to the opposite side of the room and summon a ring of Arcane Orgs that spawn from the edges of the room and collapse onto Elisande's location.  The orbs deal a LOT of damage and the ring doesn't have a natural gap in it.  The Fast and Slow time zones, however, will affect the speed at which the orbs travel toward Elisande, which means that there will be gaps created in the ring where the ring goes through these zones. --> We will stand between the two zones and will run through the break in the ring when it appears.

She will cast Arcanetic ring multiple times in Phase One, and these will echo into future phases.

Void Zone:  Elisande will cast Spanning Singularity on a random player (anyone except a tank) which will create a void zone.  Standing in it will shrink its size but will also do a lot of damage.  Players should soak them, but make sure to use a defensive cooldown or step in and out of them to enable the healers to heal you.


When Elisande reaches 10% health in Phase One, she'll cast Time Stop, freezing us in place.  Then she'll leap into the Nightwell, rewind time, and return to 100% health.  When she leaps out she'll do a lot of Arcane damage to anyone within 10 yards.

There will be a residual image of Elisande which will cast the spells from the previous phase. Arcanetic Ring and Spanning Singularity will echo into this phase, appearing at the same times and places as they did in the previous phase.

New abilities:

The anti-tank attack, now called Ablating Explosion, will now cause the tank to explode.  Run the explosion away from the raid while the other tank taunts.

Epocheric Orbs will fall from the air during this phase, marking the area where they will land with a swirling black and purple void zone.  Stand under them before they hit to reduce the raid-wide damage.

She'll also target several players with white arrows and will fire a Delphuric Beam at them.  Move out of the arrows if you are not targeted.  


At 10% she will rewind time again, sending us into the final phase.  

Arcanetic Ring and Spanning Singularity will echo into this phase, just as they did previously. The Orbs will also echo into this phase, appearing at the same times and places as they did in Phase Two.

New abilities:

The tank debuff, now called Ablative pulse, is back to what it was in Phase One (no explosion), and can now be interrupted.  Best to interrupt them all, but have tanks swap if one does go off.

Conflexive Burst explosion debuff:  She'll debuff several players with Conflexive Burst which explodes when the timer runs out.  Stagger the explosions by having one player step into the fast time zone while the other steps in the slow time zone.  

Permeliative Torment is another debuff applied to several players.  It does increasing damage per tick.
The blue adds (slow) also have an interruptible cast which does increasing damage to a single players and should be interrupted, and, I believe, more of a priority to interrupt than the pink (fast) adds.

Also, if the pink add isn't dps'd down in time and another one spawns, the boss soft enrages and starts to continually cast the bubbles/rings. It's painful. Adds HAVE to be dps priority over boss.
Batrapha, Batnissi, Batolam, Batel, Batya, Batjireh, Batshammah, Batraah.

Yes, I AM batty.
Couple things about the bubbles/rings:

- you can use a demonic gateway BUT you will still take damage (I didn't gauge if it was full or reduced damage)
- if you're not by a gap and have to go through a bubble, pop a defensive cd and run straight through one. Don't panic and end up getting hit by multiple. Unless you're already low on health, one bubble hit won't kill you. It seemed like you can jump to reduce damage as well.
Batrapha, Batnissi, Batolam, Batel, Batya, Batjireh, Batshammah, Batraah.

Yes, I AM batty.
Writing a couple things we learned from last Thursday's defeat of Elisande:

* Some abilities didn't persist:  A number of the abilities listed as persisting into later phases did not, in fact, persist, such as the rings.

* Phase 1 is definitely the most difficult phase.  Once we got through Phase 1, we got her down.  Blowing Bloodlust in Phase 1 worked really well.

* Get the adds down FAST.  It is critical to get these adds down because (a) the pink ones spawn a speed-up dome, and (b) if the adds persist too long (if a pink add is still up when she casts another one) then she goes into an alternative 'Phase 1 enrage' in which she constantly casts rings and pink adds.  Basically a wipe.

* Use those buffs!  And keep them up!  It was kind of unclear from the description how the haste buff worked.  But upon learning this fight we discovered that stepping into the pink bubble is enough to put a 30 second haste buff on a player, and this buff persists even if that player steps out of the bubble.  It is therefore key to get everyone to step into the bubble to get that buff, and then to make sure people renew it by visiting another bubble!  It is possible to spend most of Phase 1 buffed, and this is key to getting her through this phase fast.

Similarly, if you step in a blue bubble you'll get a slowing debuff instead, and you'll need to step in a pink bubble to get rid of it and replace it with a haste buff.

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