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Grand Ironsong Dinner!
In the makings, a Grand Dinner, and the whole Guild is invited!

I'm trying to form this together, but I can't do it alone. Obviously, all dinners are going to need food, so all you cooks, kindle those fires and bust out the spices! I'm also going to need a volunteer to be the event's Food Banker. Your job? Collect the food that others provide, and then distribute accordingly so everyone has a full stomach at the end of the event!

But, not only will this be a Dinner, but a chance for all of you to win some prizes! Being only thirty-seven seasons, I myself am not financially equipped well enough to provide such prizes, whether monetary or otherwise, so donations are more than welcome! Preferably, we're looking for things that anybody can use, so class and profession-specific items are discouraged as such.. But, that does bring me to the next point.

To win prizes, we need contests! Obviously duels will be held, a tiered tournament perhaps, with all those participating jumbled up and then put together to fight for the prizes! Don't worry if you're not old enough to compete with some of the older folks, there are hopefully going to be other ways to win your own trophies!

What ways you ask? Well I'll... actually, I have no idea what other ways. For all you creative folk, I'll need some help on that too. I'm imagining art, whether of the pencil or of the mouth, perhaps even drinking contests for those of you that no longer have use for your liver, maybe even races or shows of wit and knowledge of our homeland and things related. Suggestions are welcome and encouraged!

The last thing I need to figure out is: Where will it be? We need a place that's large, free of enemies, and free of annoyances, a refuge of some sort. Again, suggestions more than welcome and encouraged!

Time and date are undecided, but I shall try to pick a time and day that will work for the majority of the Tribe, and if you still can't come, don't worry, future events are on the horizon, however distant.. To give you another chance to enjoy the Grand Ironsong Dinner! (GID for all you acronym lovers)

Not interested in any of these things? Well surely you can find something to do! Free duels, enjoying each others company, and having a fun time, all are the aim here during this event, whenever it may be.

[As an OOC note, I would like to get as many opportunities for RP in here as possible. As an RP Guild, and one of the biggest and best in all the World of Silver Hand, we should try to focus on the smaller things. Individual storytelling should be encouraged, from those popular, to those recently added into the Guild. Obviously I'd like to share some of my own RPing skills and reveal some past about my own character, and I'm sure there are others out there that would like to do the same. I want this to be the event that opens all that up!]

Now.. Finally, with all of these plans, the event will most likely take a long time. A set schedule for when things are going to start and end should be developed, that way the warriors can attend the Tournaments, those sly of mind can attend the mental competitions, and those hungry can get the food! This way Tribemates can come and go as they please, or could stay for the whole thing. I'd be surely disappointed if at the very least everyone made an attempt to come. I want this to be big! Very big! And I want everyone to have the time of their fighting lives!

In advance, a big thanks to anyone that puts forward their word, their money, or their prizes and food. Any and all contributions will be greatly appreciated by all!

If it all goes down the tubes, at least admit it was a good idea :wink:
*clicks on OOC mode*

I'm still working on planning the bulk of this event, but at the same time, I'm abandoning the alt of Karlaki for a new one. I have yet to decide who or what I'm going to be, but I've narrowed it down to:

Undead Mage
Troll Rogue
Tauren Hunter

At the writing of this post, I hope to make the switch nice and easy, but definitely quickly. I'm doing this to eliminate mistakes I've made with Karlaki, as I've gained quite a bit of experience since purchasing the game.

Whichever I chose (and input is more than welcome), I'll still be managing the Ironsong Dinner, but I still need help and volunteers. You don't have to commit to anything yet, but a simple 'I might be willing to help' is very helpful in quelling the worry in my paranoid mind that this event might not take off. I need first and foremost: Cooks, food distributer, donators and prizes for competitions.

Thanks in advance again.
Krell is a Master Chef and Master Fisherman, so I bet he'd be willing to bring a few dishes to the table.

Orc Hunter
I shall be glad to help...I can entertain with a song or story or perhaps run a game. I may even help Krell with the food even though...blech...he insists on cooking it :-P

Sing True Ironsong!
Dispaya.....are you implying that I am a poor cook?

Orc Hunter, Dejected Chef
*chuckles* That'd be wonderful! I'm sure we'll need plenty of food for all the Tribe, or as many as can attend, so get those fires toasty!

And Lady Dispaya, it would be an honor to have you perform! One or two simple things would be much appreciated, as I've noticed no matter what you do, you always get the Tribe's attention. I have no doubt you'll be a great hit!

((On a sidenote: New alt: Nafiya. I'll post a story/explanation somewhere when I get the chance))
No not all all Krelly...you are a master chef...its just that we forsaken usually prefer things raw ;-)

Sing True Ironsong!

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