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((hmm well i didnt see this before, and was invited into the guild after i was at a moot..so i felt i should at least do an app..better late then never, right?))

1) State your name and any titles that you have earned, through service to the Horde in battle or otherwise
This one is Gorshin, as it says upon my chest!
2) List your vocation, be it Mage, Hunter, or any other.
This one is a ((Death) Knight! I hope to be a Blood Knight one day...*wispers* but they say that only elves can be...so sad..
3) Please introduce yourself to us, as much of your personal history as you feel comfortable sharing at this time.
This one was told to come and help Ironsong! So this one follows orders! ...i...cant rember who gave them...but this one ALWAYS FOLLOWS ORDERS! *salute* ...one thing that puzzels me..people seem to think this one was made by the scourge...i was made this way by the men with the dark blade banner in the flying skull...they called it a "mercy"...not shure why...oh well! *laughs*
4) Tell us about any professions you have taken up, such as Tailoring or First Aid.
This one makes art! somtimes i use ogres and parts...other times this one just uses paint..
5) What are the Clans, Tribes, or Guilds that you have been a part of in the past, if any?
*thinks for a moment* This one cannot rember. *grin* i dont think i have been in any...
6) Please describe what drew your interest in joining the Ironsong Tribe, and any memorable interactions you have had with members of Ironsong.
This one helped Dreamy ((Altria)) defeat the nightmares! funny..when this one has nightmares its of children...not murlocks...i guess no one dreams the same..Oh, Oh! this one also helped L! ((Kureei)) slay the dreaded owls! we are celebrated owl slayers! ...i never did get any of their fabled juices..they hide it so well..Oh and me and Dreamy killed puppy-men galore!
7) What is the greatest trial you have faced, either long ago, or in the recent past?
Hmm...This one has had trouble with remembering the past...This one is not supposed to remember..but recently i'm having trouble forgetting...
8) What are your current goals, or some of your greatest desires, and the reasons behind them?
To make the best peice of art the world has ever seen! it will have so many limbs and soooo much red...*laughs*
9) What do you enjoy most in your adventures in Azeroth?
The red that flows...
10) Finally, have you read our Code of Conduct, and do you agree to abide by the rules stated in it? If so, please state so here in addition to a reply to the post itself.
Gorshin when did we make you a peon if you recall?
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
um...hmm...whenever that moot was when we were in iceflow lake in Dun Morogh. thats when i was added to the guild...and a while ago i became a grunt.
can i just quickly say that i love your avatar? where did you find it?
ok well, just to make somthing clear, my old email address was hacked, and when i couldent rember the password to my fourm name on here, i had no way of getting it back...so i just made this new one.

anyway thats all. just letting you know i may have a new look, but i still have that same, low calorie, Gorshin taste!

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