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Goroth Nutshell Guide
Hi everyone,

Here is a nutshell guide to the first fight in Tomb of Sargeras:  Goroth!

Goroth is a single-phase fight with a predictable sequence of events.  The mechanics of the fight center around pillars, called Infernal Spikes, which we can use to avoid lethal abilities.  These pillars spawn under random ranged and healers.  Get out of the ground effect before it errupts.


* Tank the boss where he stands (at the top of the arena) facing away from the raid and the room's entrance.
* Ranged and healers fan out in a semi-circle behind the boss
* Hide behind the pillars (called "Infernal Spikes") when he casts Infernal Burning.
* Don't get hit by Fel Eruption or the pools they leave behind.
* We'll bloodlust on the pull


* Taunt swap when Goroth applies "Burning Armor" (looks like a big circle).  The debuffed tank should get at least 25 yards away from the group (and pillars) before it expires.  Use /range 25 to make sure.


* Point big arrows into several pillars to avoid lethal damage. (big arrows are called "Shattering Star"; the pillars are called "Infernal Spikes").
* Move the green swirls away from pillars and other players.  (green swirls are called "Crashing Comet").  If we are loosely spread we son't have to move as much for this.


Crashing Comet:  targets up to three players, causing a circle to appear under their feet.  After a few seconds a comet crashes down onto the player's current location, dealing damage and DESTROYING any pillars within 10 yards.
--> If you get targeted, make sure to move away from the pillars so you don't destroy any.

Shattering Star:  targets a random non-tank player.  After 6 seconds, deals immense damage to its target plus moderate damage to anyone struck by the spear.  The damage to the targeted player is REDUCED for every infernal spike the spear strikes as it flies.
--> If you get targeted, point the big arrow through several pillars to reduce the spear's damage to you.
--> Everyone else, don't stand in the arrow's path.

Burning and Melted Armor:  Anti-tank ability.  Applies a DoT and debuff that explodes when it expires, and applies Molten Armor to everyone within a 25 yard radius.  Molten Armor increases all damage taken by 100%.  This ability will ALSO destroy any infernal spikes within range.
--> Tanks taunt swap when you get the debuff, then 25 yards away from the group and from pillars before the debuff expires.

Infernal Burning:  ignites everyone within line of sight of Gorgoth, dealing high damage immediately followed by ticking damage.
--> Hide behind an Infernal Spike to prevent this damage (this includes the tanks)

Fel Eruption:  Rains lava down, usually around the edges of the room, and leaves void zones behind.
--> Don't be hit by the falling lava
--> Central positioning will reduce the need to dodge these.
--> Avoid the void zones
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