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Gorefiend nutshell guide
Gorefiend is a single-phase encounter in which the raid must deal with the boss and number of adds, and the raid will be split  up and must fight simultaneously in two different realms.

The two realms

The fighting area is divided between two different realms, called the main room (where the majority of the fight takes place) and the Heart of Corruption (a separate area players can access).  A number of players must handle adds that spawn in the Heart of Corruption in a timely manner, because they otherwise appear in the main room for the rest of the raid to deal with.

The fight is a single-phase encounter, but there are a few periods when Gorefiend stops using his abilities during which the raid will have to perform specific tasks.


The Heart of Corruption is a separate realm from the main room.  It’s a circular room with a pillar in its center that plays an important role in letting players exit the room. 

There are TWO WAYS for players to ENTER the Heart of Corruption:

1) Throughout the fight, Gorefiend uses an ability in the main room called Shadow of Death.  This targets several radon raid members and teleports them into the Heart of Corruption.  The raid members are “killed” but their buffs aren’t affected and they don’t need to be rezzed.

2) Players can also enter the Heart by literally dying.  So if a player dies in the main room, they’ll instantly be teleported to the Heart of Corruptoin.

Players entering the Heart via either means receive the Gorefiend's Corruption debuff, which prevents them from going back in to the Heart for a few minutes. This means that if they’re in the main room and die with the debuff on, they will truly die instead of being teleported into the Heart.

Players can leave the Heart of Corruption at any time by moving to the central pillar.  Players cannot stay inside the Heart for longer than 40 seconds at a time, because at 40 seconds they will instantly die.

Several types of adds spawn inside the Heart of Corruption.  These must be dealt with efficiently or they will spawn in the main room where they can cause problems for the rest of the raid.  Void zones also spawn in the Heart.

Adds inside the Heart of Corruption

There are THREE types of adds in the Heart of Corruption:

* Shadowy Constructs.  Low-health adds that spawn at the edges of the room and move quickly toward the middle.  They can’t be tanked, but they can be stunned, slowed, and knocked back.  If they reach the middle, they leave the Heart and appear in the main room as Gorebound Constructs.

* Tortured Essences are healable adds with low health.  They start with most of their health gone and move toward the middle of the room.  If they are healed to full health before they reach the middle of the room they disappear harmlessly.  If they are not healed to full the spawn in the main room as attackable, hostile Gorebound Essences with their health inverted (a Tortured Essence with 90% health will respawn in the main room as a Gorebound Essence with 10% health).

* Enraged Spirits are tankable adds that can’t be CC’d and have moderate health.  They reappear in the main room as Gorebound Spirits and nothing can be done to prevent their escape.  Inside the Heart they have the following abilities:
- Bellowing Shout:  interruptible self-buff (increases damage done to tank by 300% for 10 sec).  This is VERY DANGEROUS and must be interrupted.
- Fel Fury:   Ground slam that does fire damage in a 5 yard radius around them and leaves a void zone.
- Slam:  at 70% health they slam the ground dealing physical damage to players within 10 yards, before jumping to the middle of the room and escaping into the main room.


Gorefiend’s Abilities

* Shadow of Death:  randomly targets several raid members and teleports them into the Heart of Corruption.  At least one tank and one healer are targeted by this.  The number of DPS depends on raid size.

* Surging Shadows:  causes players to explode, dealing moderate shadow damage to themselves and players within 5 yards.

* Crushing Darkness:  Spawns void zones in a circular pattern.  They explode in the order they appeared.

* Touch of Doom:  Debuff applied to 2-3 random raid members.  After 8 seconds players explode, dealing massive shadow damage to all players and leaving a “Doom Well” when they explode.  The damage is reduced the further the debuffed players are from the raid.

* Shared Fate:  debuff that affects three players.  One player is rooted in place, and the other two are bound to this player by a blue line.  They may still move freely, but shared fate inflicts moderate damage every 2 seconds to all 3 players.  when the unrooted players stand within 6 yards of the rooted player, Shared Fate is broken.  If it’s not broken within 10 seconds, all 3 affected players take a massive amount of shadow damage, and then shared fate breaks.

* Feast of Souls: special ability

He casts this when he reaches zero energy.  It’s a channeled spell that deals moderate raid-wide shadow damage every 2 seconds, spawns a large number of Unstable Soul adds in the main room.  These adds move toward Gorefiend, and any soul that reaches him grants him 10 energy.  They can’t be tanked, CC’d, or killed, but they CAN be intercepted.  When an Unstable Soul is intercepted, it deals moderate raid-wide shadow damage + moderate damage in a small radius.

During Feast of Souls Gorefiend doesn’t use any of his other abilities.  During this ability all players in the Heart are sent into the main room, and Gorefiend takes 100% additional damage from all sources.  Gore fiend stops channeling Feast of Souls when he reaches 100 energy, or after 1 minute, whichever happens first.

Adds in the Main Room

* Gorebound Constructs (spawned from Shadowy Constructs in the Heart of Corruption).  These can’t be tanked and are now immune to CC, and they gain an ability:  Hunger for Life.  Hunger for Life is a FIXATE.  They start moving slowly but go faster as they live longer.  If it reaches its target, it explodes, killing itself and dealing lethal shadow damage to all players within 10 yards.

* Goreboung Essences:  moderate-health adds (spawned from Tortured Essences in the Heart).  In the main room they can’t be tanked and they continuously cast Spirit Volley.  Spirit Volley deals low damage and reduces movement speed.  Each cast increases damage done by 25%.

* Gorebound Spirits are high-health adds (spawn from Enraged Spirits).  They can be tanked but not CC’d.  They constantly cast Slam.  They have three abilities:
- Fel Flames:  stacking debuff on the tank.  This ability requires a tank switch.
- Bellowing Shout: interruptible self-buff that increases damage by 300% for 10 seconds
- Raging Charge: used against their tank if out of melee range.  It’s a charge + damage + stun.


The raid must combine two main elements to defeat the encounter:
1) Adds inside the Heart of Corruption must be dealt with efficiently.  Important targets must die fast, especially the Shadowy Constructs.
2) In the main room the Feast of Souls must be extended for as long as possible (up to 1 minute) by intercepting the Unstable Souls, so we can do as much buffed damage as possible.

Tanking Concerns

There are only THREE mobs that can be tanked in this encounter:
1) In the main room, Gorefiend must be tanked at all times, except when he’s channeling Feast of Souls.  No tank switch is needed.
2) Inside the Heart of Corruptoin, the Enraged Spirits must be tanked.
3) In the main room, the Gorebound Spirits must be tanked and tanks must switch when their Fel Flames debuff stacks too high (how high is not yet known).


* Stand 5 yards apart of avoid splash damage.
* During Feast of Souls, stack near the middle of the room.
* No specific positioning in the Heart

The Main Room

* Run away when you get Touch of Doom to explode far away from the raid and drop the void zone in an unobtrusive spot.
* During Shared fate, the two unrooted players connected with a blue line to the rooted player must follow the line and stand near the rooted player.  This must be done within 10 seconds or they’ll take almost lethal damage.
* During Feast of Souls, the raid should stack near the middle and be prepared to use healing cooldowns to stay alive during the massive damage.  Ranged players should aim to intercept as many Unstable Souls as possible to extend the phase.


* Kill the Gorebound Constructs as quickly as possible.  Run from these when fixated.  These are a high priority target.
* Kill the Gorebound Essences.  These can’t be tanked or stunned.  They’re the second priority.  The Spirit Volley slow effect + the Constructs’ fixate can be very dangerous.
* Interrupt the Gorebound Spirits’ Blowing Shout.
* Tanks should stay within melee range of Gorebound Spirits to avoid triggering Raging Shout, the charge + damage + stun on tanks out of melee range.

The Heart of Corruption

* Kill as many Shadow Constructs as possible. You can’t prevent them all, but do as many as you can.
* Heal as many Tortured Essences to full health as possible.  Any healing done to them helps as this is translated into damage in the main room.
* Don’t stand in the void zones.
* Prioritize damaging the Enraged Spirits. Interrupt their Bellowing Shout to prevent them from killing the tank which will cause a wipe.


Use it during Feast of Souls.

Learning the Fight

This fight is mostly about killing the adds.  Gorefield will take damage mainly during the Feast of Souls.  All adds have a higher priority than the boss himself.

Top priorities:
* Interrupt Bellowing Shout, as this can kill the tank.
* Get away from the raid when debuffed with Touch of Doom.
* In the main room, DPS:  Gorebound Constructs —> Gorebound Essences —> Gorebound Spirits —> Gorefiend.
* In the Heart of Corruptoin, DPS and CC Enraged Spirits —> Shadown Constructs
* Intercept Unstable Souls during Feast of Souls
TL;DR version

Gorefiend spends his energy attacking the raid.  When he reaches zero, he casts Feast of Souls, starts regenerating energy, and takes 100% increased damage.  At full, he’ll start attacking the raid again.  Bloodlust during Feast of Souls.

Gorefiend’s abilities
1) Surging Shadows: on random players + small radius damage.  Spread 5 yards.
2) Move out of spiral ground graphic that detonates after a few seconds.
2) Touch of Doom rebuffed players, run to edges of room ASAP.  Explosion will cause raid-wide damage and a void zone.
4) 3 players linked with Shared Fate.  One is rooted.  Other two must run to rooted player to break link.  Dotted while linked.  If link not broken in 10 seconds, players take huge damage.
5) Shadow of Death debuff on several players (tank + healer + several DPS).  They’ll be teleported to the Heart of Corruption.  If you die, you’ll also be teleported there.
6) Inside the Heart of Corruption, avoid the purple damage swirls and DPS or heal adds.  Exit before 40 seconds or die.  Walk to center to exit.  When you leave, will receive a 3 min debuff where if you die accidentally or via Shadow of Death, it’ll be a real death.

Inside the Heart
Adds attempt to exit.  Kill them or get their health as low as possible so that they’ll be easier to kill outside.  On the outside, priority is SPIRIT —> ESSENCE —> CONSTRUCT —> GOREFIEND

Tanks:  In Heart, pick up enraged spirits.  Interrupt Bellowing Shout.  Avoid Fel Fury (leaves damage pool if hit).  At 70% health they’ll slam tank away, gain damage reduction and exit.  On the outside, Tanks should switch at 10 stacks of Fel Flames.  Interrupt Bellowing Shout.

Healers:  In the Heart, heal Tortured Essences as much as possible.  More health inside = less health outside.  On outside Essences spawn Spirit Volley which increases in damage and slows players.

DPS:  Inside, kill as many Shadowy Constructs as possible.  Outside, Shadowy Constructs fixate on a player.  If it reaches the target it’ll one-shot the player.  Kite until the raid kills them.

Feast of Souls

Bloodlust.  Stack in middle, intercept Unstable Souls.  Tanks block as many as possible due to splash damage.  Raid stack in front of boss, DPS boss.  Healers use cooldowns.

* Gorefiend doesn't move, so we don’t need to worry about positioning him.
* Tank Gorefiend.  He's not too complicated himself.
* Pick up the Spirits.  These are Enraged Spirits (inside) and Gorebound Spirits (outside). Both inside and outside, keep moving them to avoid the the Fel Fury void zone.  Interrupt Bellowing Shout (VERY important).  Tanks swap at 10 stacks of Fel Flame outside.   Inside, it will leave the Heart at 70% health.  When it leaves, follow it out and pick it up again.
* The other adds don’t need to be tanked.
* During Feast of Souls, intercept the incoming adds.

* Essences: Inside the Heart, heal the Tortured Essences as much as possible.  More health inside = less health outside.  Get out before 40 seconds are up.
* Use cooldowns to survive Feast of Souls

Inside the Heart: All DPS
* One DPS needs to help with interrupts on the Tortured Essences.  We'll need to be dynamic about this. Otherwise, kill Shadowy Constructs.
* Don’t kill the Crone
* Stay out of the swirls
* Get out before 40 seconds are up

Outside the Heart: All DPS
* Kill order:
(1) Gorebound Constructs (they fixate)
(2) Gorebound Essences (they slow).
(3) Gorebound Spirits.  We may need a person on the Spirit to help the tanks with interrupts.
(4) If no adds are up, DPS the boss
* During Feast of Souls, DPS the boss HARD.  This is our main DPS time on the boss so blow everything.

(I know this kill order is different from Thursday, but I want to try it this way.  Here's why.  The Constructs are numerous, fragile, and lethal to affected raid members as they speed up.  They're easy to kill but can get out of hand easily, so let's try killing them first;  Essences are stationary and cast a volley and slow that is less dangerous if few constructs are up;  Spirits are potentially very bad for the tank if a Bellow gets through, but if the tank can drag them to avoid the void zones / swap at 10 stacks / and interrupt the Bellows [with help from 1 person] I am hoping the Spirits can wait until the Constructs and Essences are dead.  If this kill order does not work we can switch it up.  E.g. We can try putting Melee on Spirits and Ranged on Essence & Constructs.)


* Stay out of the swirls
* Get out of the Heart before 40 seconds or up or you’ll die.  DBM has a countdown timer.
* If you die outside and get teleported inside, do your role inside then get out before 40 seconds are up and you will return alive.

* Stay lightly spread out (Surging Shadows hits random players and does small radius damage)
* Touch of Doom: get to the edge to drop your void zone + reduce raid-wide damage
* If you are linked to two others players with Shared Fate (blue line) stack on the rooted player.
* Stay out of the spiral graphic on the ground

Feast of Souls
* Stack in front of the boss, tanks & ranged intercept, all DPS on the boss, blow cooldowns.
Here is a helpful, two-minute video guide of the Gorefiend fight, take a look!


For anyone who would like a summary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j2zksGvzuA

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