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An Orc of slight build steps forward, looking you in the eyes and smiling warmly.

"Greetings and well met. I am Gordrach the Hunter. Son of Khurgan and Sergeant in service to the Horde."

Gordrach pauses briefly before resuming.

"I have seen many moons come and go as I lived in the wild honing my skills. Few beasts exist that are a match for my skinning blade, and even fewer Elves live to speak after provoking me."

The Orc chuckles briefly and continues.

"I have to admit these battles have also ensured a steady practice at preparing and applying bandages of all sorts. One has to be resourceful out there. A few days ago I could not help but overhear a casual conversation at the Inn at Orgrimmar. Two large Tauren were quite excited as they discussed attending a recent moot. I could not help but share in their excitement about this group of people. To hear them tell it you'd think they were under some sort of spell!"

Gordrach chuckles again, then surveys the group uncomfortably not knowing if his gruff brand of humor is shared by those now surrounding him.

"They told tales of magnificent battles and joyous celebration. I couldn't help but think of my recent battles with the World Dragons, or touch my still-singed hair from my forays into the Molten Core."

Gordy subconsciously rubs his left shoulder and softly touches his healing, scorched skin.

"I hope to continue my travels to such exotic places, and it is my hope to be able to do so in the company of great heros such as yourselves. I also intend to continue to hunt the cowardly Alliance who strike at our young ones without honor or remorse. The Battle Grounds shall flow red with blood, be it theirs in death or mine own in the attempt of sending them to their maker."

The Hunter looks at two Tauren in the corner thinking he might recognize them from the Inn at Orgrimmar, but he isn't sure.

"I have learned of your Code, and I would be honored to have the chance to uphold it. My arrows and blades are at your service if you will have them, as is my respect for friend and foe alike. There is no honor in disgrace, and when it is time for our own flame to be extinguished, our honor and self-respect are all we'll have to take with us."

Gordrach looks at those who have gathered around him and speaks a final time.

"What say you, will you have me among you to prove my loyalty, respect, and honor?"

The Orc falls silent as he surveys the room.

((OOC: Well met everyone. I have to admit that answering the questions IC was a bit of an exercise, but I had a lot of fun doing it! I started out as a roleplayer many years ago in EQ, but morphed out of that as I became more focused on attaining specific goals. That said, I am very eager to jump back into it!

I'm a server transfer in progress. 60 Orc Marksman Hunter coming over from the Earthen Ring. I believe it will be a few more days before the transfer is complete. Meanwhile I'm playing a Forsaken Rogue named Rhadek. After reaching level 60 I have found that playing on an EST server is really hindering my playing since I live on the west coast. My playtime takes a back seat to my wife, 2 kids (with a 3rd on the way) and my job. Family comes first, always. I can play evenings after the kids go to bed, but that posed a realy hinderance on an EST server where most raids and/or planned events started before I could even get home from work, or during the middle of dinner time with the family. I was literally 2 days away from letting the account lapse, when I decided to renew and move to a PST server. My search on the official realm forums led me to the Silver hand forum, which in turn has led me to your doorstep. I am hopeful you will consider me for membership. Should you have any sort of questions for me, please do not hesitate in asking and I will do my best to answer them. Until Gordrach's transfer is comlete in a few days, you'll see me running around as Rhadek. I'll start developing the character over the next few days also Well met everyone, and may our paths cross again very soon!))
[Image: Gordrach.jpg]
((Nice to meet you! Since you mention coming to this server specifically because of timing issues, I should point out that, though we're a Pacific server, our guild members are from a wide range of time zones. Most of our official events start at the time we've found lets the most people attend: 5:30-6:00 server time, though late arrivals are often welcome. Family definitely comes first! We're a large enough group that you can find people logged on and adventuring most any time of day or night, which is handy. Oh, and congrats on the soon-to-be new arrival! I'm expecting one of my own, and he's already doing his best to distract me during guild events. Nothing like a right smart kick in the ribs to make you sit up and take notice... ))
Due to being something of a raid junky, I don't attend the moots like I used too. But I would like to say that for someone dusting off their roleplaying skills to give them a try, that you put forth a sterling effort. I will for no reason in particular choose this post to say that so far the apps from off server transfers on our boards have been ripe with opportunity for meeting people who seem to have much to offer in the way of enriching our guild community. Please by all means attend our thursday moot.

Because lets be Honest, Damoxian would never say anything this glaringly posative.
I'd like to add my agreement here. Considering that you'd been away from RP for a time as you mentioned, that was still a rather impressive example of your creative skills there. And I would also be happy to have you join in our Moot, though I'm guilty of not attending myself since I spend most of my time killing every alliance who's foolish enough to set foot on the battlefield. (Ulfric has a mighty serious grudge you see, and barely rests between one battle and the next)

Good luck and I hope to see and speak with you soon.
[Image: 18177.jpg]
((OOC: Thank you for the nice comments everyone, I very much appreciate it. My transfer is now complete, and I'm currently logged in as Gordrach. I look forward to finding out where tomorrow's moot is, and joining you after dinner.))
[Image: Gordrach.jpg]
Gordrach lets his bruised body slump against the gnarled old tree. He examines his battered armor and blades before starting repairs on his trusty Crossbow. On the other side of the tree rests a massive snow cat, whether it's awake or asleep is virtually impossible to tell.

The Orc looks exhausted, his breathing shallow and labored. Perhaps sensing his own mortality the Hunter puts his weapons aside and reclines, closing his eyes. It doesn't matter if he is safe here, he knows he is being watched by his companion. The last few thoughts of Elves being felled by his arrows fade into dreams unkown.

((Good morning everyone. I have been spending time honing my PvP skills, when not otherwise occupied with our move, kids, new job, pregnant wife. :wink: Starting to get settled into our new home nicely, though there is still much work to be done in the way of unpacking boxes.

This morning we go find out if our 3rd baby is a boy or girl (we have 2 boys already, ages 4 and 2). I digress, I'm a bit excited this morning. Might I please request my application be reviewed for acceptance into the Grunt ranks? I've tried to participate some in guild chat, though as I mentioned I've spent a lot of time in PvP, which doesn't lend itself to being extremeley social.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks for your time.))
[Image: Gordrach.jpg]
((Sure Gord, it's easy for us to miss Peon promotions outside of moots, talk to me in game if you see me when the servers come back up - I'll be on.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
((Thank you very kindly, I'll look for you today. Would it also be possible to obtain access to the members' section of this forum?))
[Image: Gordrach.jpg]

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