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Goratrix Application for IST
A long time ago, in a land of snow and ice a young dwarf was born and raised like most dwarves are, with a hammer in one hand and an anvil close by. His upbringing was strict but understanding until he began to reach adulthood among his people. During his reckless youth and days of not unsung debauchery he met a young night elf. Against his parent’s wishes he would not stop seeing her and couldn’t find any peace at home because the races did not mix well according to his families beliefs. Casting aside tradition and his family the young dwarf took up adventuring instead of the hammer and anvil like his father would have wanted. The ways of self discipline, magic and love intrigued the young dwarf to a much deeper level. He was different.
As so it came to pass. The young dwarf took up the ways of a discipline priest and the magic professions of Mooncloth and Enchanting so he could take care of himself and his lover on the road to fame and fortune.
During their days on the road they joined a rag tag team of adventurers and worked hand in hand with them to create a guild named Pandemic, which under a vote decided base themselves out of Ironforge. It was time for the young dwarf to visit his home for the first time in almost a year. Upon returning to the Ironforge area the young stubborn dwarf decided to stay clear of his family instead of trying to bridge the gap that had come between them.
The Pandemic guild began to grow in size and fame. They began to progress to the lower depths of all the dark and evil places of Azeroth week after week. It was down in the depths of these evil places where that the young dwarf’s story takes are dark turn. The strain, stress and sheer amount of blood that was spilt in the name of the Alliance began to take a toll on the young dwarf. Even his kind hearted night elf lover began having dark thoughts and feelings. Wondering about their actions and true path in life a small wedge began to separate the two soul mates as most relationships do under the tremendous weight of the world and life.
During an epic struggle in the depths of the Core, the guild Pandemic found its demise. The pressure, the carnage, the sheer will to succeed shattered what all thought was unbreakable. At a crucial moment when life and survival meant everything to the leaders of the raid on Core fell into darkness. On the brink of death the young dwarf did all he could to save himself and his comrades but his will was not enough. He reached out for aide, to his night elf, in his most desperate hour. She did nothing. Turned and ran, only saving herself.
Fading to darkness, the young dwarf found his thoughts flashing to all the moments that brought him to this place and wept for the love he had somehow lost to stubbornness and his will to succeed.
Korrix / Goratrix / Gorrix
"Submit and be free!"
Umu of the Horde noticed something in the darkness. Hoping that no one else from the Ironsong Tribe noticed the small shiny object, he trailed behind the raiding party. Calling to the closest member as they all moved forward, he rubbed the sweat from his brow he gave the excuse that he was just going to lag being a bit to adjust his armor.
At last, he was alone and able to go over and check it out. Reaching down to the ground and moving around the extremely hot Core dirt to uncover a glowing monocle. He heard that something similar to this belonged to a twisted dark dwarf named Fineous Darkvire. With a smile he dropped into his large looting sack. As he strapped it back to his waste he noticed a body off to the side. Dropping a small bit of cloth into the nearby lava he lit cloth on fire and took it toward the body. Dropping in low on one knee Umu saw that the body was that of a younger dwarf. It had to be an Alliance dwarf by the marking of a war banner that lay close by, charred from the environment in this hell hole. Licking his lips Umu glanced quickly toward the tunnel where the raid was resting. Sreng would possibly kick him from the tribe this time if he brought along another dwarven snack. Shifting his eyes back and forth, licking his lips… How could he not! Poking the body, it seemed well cooked even. It wouldn’t even smell! Well not bad anyway… It smelled good. Snatching it up he placed in his wet bag. With a grin, Umu tied it off and jogged toward the raid resting point. As he rounded the corner he swore he heard a moan. Shaking his head, he thought his mind was just being tricksy with him again and decided to ignore it.
A few hours later Umu found himself in Thunder Bluff repairing his armor after a good night of looting all kinds of shiny things. Remembering about the snack at his side he looked up and saw Sreng paying the blacksmith for some of the guilds repairs. Wincing, Umu picked up his things headed to the apothecary cave. It would be a great hiding place for the food until Sreng retired for the evening.
Throwing the sack down behind one the columns of rock Umu wasted no time returning to the bank and inn keeper to look for something that would compliment his snack.
Korrix / Goratrix / Gorrix
"Submit and be free!"
Apothecary Zamah looked up at the movement in her cave. Another tauren from the barrens possibly she thought. Seeing the tauren’s armor as he left she knew that he was no grunt from the Barrens. A seasoned warrior by the looks of it, scratching her head she couldn’t think of why he would be down here. She helped many a young barren’s grunt with a few quests but one of his experience didn’t visit often. Going back to her work, Zamah concentrated on her latest concoction with renewed focus.
As Zamah was about to finish her potion something caught her attention in the room. Lifting her nose to the stale aired cavern she smelled… A dead body. Quickly checking her underarms with a quick whiff, she decided it wasn’t her. Moving about the pools she spotted a sack behind a pillar. Examining the bag she thought it best to open it. To her surprise she found a very dead, quite well done dwarf. Shaking her head and grabbing an acid potion she began to pour onto the body and loot sack.
An anguishing scream rippled through the cavern. Jumping backward Zamah realized he was ALIVE. Dropping to her knees to attend to the dwarf she screamed for Malakai Cross who was already running in her direction.
Together they worked feverishly on the poor dwarf. The best potions, the best salves. They talked as they worked and couldn’t imagine how or why this dwarf came to be here. And couldn’t fathom why he still lived. As they worked the dwarf became semiconscious and he kept grabbing at his chest. Cutting away the cloth armor Zamah removed a crispy journal.
Downing a potion of haste she skimmed over the journal. Jaw dropping even lower than normal, Zamah turned to Malakai, “Save him, whatever the cost.”
Korrix / Goratrix / Gorrix
"Submit and be free!"
Zamah rubbed her temples. It had been hours since the incident in the cave. Malakai the priest trainer had come to her not more than 30 minutes ago bearing the ill news. The dwarf wouldn’t be able to be saved. The only solution; let him receive the gift. Undeath was always the last resort. But as she thumbed over the journal again, she just couldn’t bear the thought of letting the dwarf who wrote this material die. And Malakai agreed. The passion, the love, a gifted healer, a good friend, and the love that poured from this journal for his night elf companion was something that should be saved. Aware of the possible consequences, she moved to her locked chest and removed the “vial”.


Pouring the vial down the dwarf’s throat, the sweet voiced apothecary reached skyward asking and receiving the power to exchange the life force of the young dwarf and commit his life & will to undeath and raise him… For the Horde!

I remember black skies and lightning all around me,
I remember each flash as time began to blurr,
Like a startling sign that fate had finally found me,
And your voice was all I heard,
That I’d get what I deserve.


The cry of a broken heart echoed across the mountains of Mulgore. The new undead priest paced back and forth yelling at Zamah and Malakai.
“Give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean!!!” the priest screamed.
“Let the thoughts cross the distance in her eyes, give me reason to the fill my soul and connect the space between,” he murmured.
“She’ll never cross this new divide.”

After a long pause Zamah walked toward the new risen member of the Horde. His passion and will see him through, she thought to herself. Zamah handed him his journal. With a small huff, he snatched it up glancing at the dwarven sigil on the cover. With a hushed voice the priest muttered something in dwarven. The sigil flared then disappeared.

“How do you spell…,” glancing upward and pausing, “Goratrix?”

With a magic writing tool Zamah scribed onto a piece of parchment. Goratrix looked at Malakai holding the book out in his hand. Malakai placed his hand over the journal and said the name. With a bright light the name fused itself to the old journal.

“Thank you,” Goratrix bowed, “I will return when I find my place in this world.”
Korrix / Goratrix / Gorrix
"Submit and be free!"
I have read the conduct and will stand by it.

My sponsor is Umu. I'm a friend of IST in another form and life.
Korrix / Goratrix / Gorrix
"Submit and be free!"
After a long hardship of grief and self loathing, Goratrix did manage to pull himself out of the depths of depression. With renewed vision and clarity he began to hone his new skills. Within a weeks time he managed to bring a new level of terror to those who inhabited Outland and stepped into Northrend with a new found faith in only 7 days.

Quickly gaining the favor of many horde members Goratrix managed to attain his Hallowed title at level 70 of the Horde’s list of priestly ways. The demise of the Headless Horseman is surely the first of many accomplishments to come.

Tis true, he has the "Will of the Forssaken".
Korrix / Goratrix / Gorrix
"Submit and be free!"
Another Forsaken finally found his way. <shrugs> Come to our moot on Thursday at 6pm. They'll decide then if another Forsaken is what we need. <turns around and vanishes into the shadows>.
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I do indeed sponsor Goratrix
Appears to have left during peonship.
Stalkinghoof, 85th level Tauren Hunter
Krinar Cloudcleaver, 85th level Tauren Warrior
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