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Good furries and bad furries....
*scribbled in Zema's childlike hand in several garish colors*

Dear Tribe,

The good furries that live between the scary forest and the very cold place are having trouble with the bad furries who are supposed to be good. So, I thought that I would help them by trying to make the bad furries see that they shouldn't be bad... but they don't listen very well, and I think that they need to be taught better. But, I don't think that I can do it allllll alone, because there are a very very lot of the bad furries.


*Below the note is a picture of what ... might be a furbolg, except colored several different shades of green. Standing beside the green beast is a little stick-figure with a big blue hat and a robe. A yellow glow surrounds the stick-figure's hands and yellow 'sparkles' are drawn above the furbolg's head in what could, very well be, a sort of benificial spell.*

((All silliness aside...it has come to my attention that the only way to obtain the formula for +15 Agility to weapons is through attaining honored standing with the Timbermaw Furbolgs. As no one in the tribe (that I am aware of) is able to perform this enchantment, I would like to give a serious effort in increasing my faction with them.

However... there are two major hurdles standing in my way. 1) all camps of Furbolgs are very heavily hunted for their faction. and 2) I have a very difficult time soloing as a healing priest. I intend to continue attempting to raise my faction with or without company, but any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated. ( I do NOT expect to stand around and let other people do the work for me )

So, if you happen to be interested in working on your own furbolg faction for awhile one day, please feel free to ask me to come heal you, or to come play shield for me Wink - Unless someone else needs me at the time (or I am in one of my "mostly afk" modes while doing housework) I would be more than thrilled to join you.

Thank you! - poZema))
/shrek donkey voice

Me! me! Pick me! oh me!

Empey (52 warlock) is currently working on quests in felwood, not the least of which is the Timbermaw faction quest. Essentially, it's just:
(1) Ride to the top of the zone and get quest
(2) Ride to the bottom of the zone and whack bad guys
(3) Ride to the top of the zone for turn in
(4) Rinse and repeat.

At present, Empey is "unfriendly" to the Timbermaw, but at least they don't attack me.

I'll help you anytime we are on at the same time.
(( Take Nishy! Pleeeeez?))
Krell would love to tag along. I recently read a quest reward for Timbermaw faction at Revered. Though I am certain I will never make it to Revered status, I would love to give it a shot.

Feel free to look me up.

Orc Hunter
I would love to help you gain faction with the Timbermaw. Oh, and if anyone is interested in how long it takes to achieve 'Revered' status, ask Sreng.

(( Update: Thanks to Sreng, Krell, Saltin, Kretol, and Edo, I am now Friendly <cheers> This feels like a gigantic step on the way to my goal.

Thank you all so much! ...and, I'm still very much interested in continuing! -poZema))
(( Another Update!

Thanks to a gigantic group of people (with Damo, Edo, and Kretol at the forefront), I am now Honored with the Timbermaw! This means that I was able to purchase the +15 Agility enchantment and the + mana regen belt pattern.

...and, with an -extremely- generous and humbling gift from Saltin, I was able to craft my runed arcanite rod...meaning that I can -actually- perform the enchantment for the tribe!

Please let me know if you are in need of the enchantment, and I will let you know what it requires. (As always, I have -never- charged for an enchantment)

I am still MORE than willing to go out and help others gain Timbermaw faction, as I would still like to hit (atleast) revered for the patterns there. However, as that is a long road, I am not expecting to complete it any time within the next three or four (hundred) years...hah! -poZema ))
how much faction does that quest give? I have just been killing the furries to the west in the hollow becuase i think its a waste of time to ride all the way down there and all the way back up after killing 21 mobs.

Im guestimating but its aproximately a 20 minute round trip. in 20 minutes i can kill at least 20 furries. if the quest doesn't give you at least 100 faction i would skip it entirely.

not to mention the lower camp is alway heavily camped. take into consideration how long it will take you to kill the specific furries... yeah maybe its just me but seams like the quest is a heck of a waste of time.

Just something you might wanna think about
, Utsu
(( The quest in Felwood is not worth it, as I believe it only gives 10 faction points. However, the quest that is attained at friendly, in Winterspring, nets 75 faction points. If I am not mistaken, it is the only way (until patch 1.9) to get from half-way through Honored to Revered....and beyond. ))
You are correct Zema, the Winterspring quest does indeed net you 75 faction. The quest giver is just to the side of the tunnel as you enter Winterspring. I am well over half way to revered and can confirm that, as of now, the quest is the only way to raise faction any further. Once you hit 6k faction in honored, you quit getting kill credit for individual Furbolgs, although the patch is supposed to change that, thank god.


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