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Good-Bye Ironsong
I've been meaning to do this for a long time, but just couldent find the right time, i decided any time was as good as any other, and it is time to take that step.

As the name of the post states, I feel it is time for me to leave Ironsong.

I have had a great deal of fun being part of Ironsong, and I have spent pretty much my entire WoW career so far in Ironsong. There are a lot of great people in the Ironsong organization, this is why I have not left up until this point, and it is them I will miss most about Ironsong. About the leadership, I have only good things to say. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the old “TSâ€Â
Solving the worlds fresh water crisis, one frost-bolt at a time.
It's been a pleasure, 'Tov. While your new guild likely has all the resources you need, never hesitate to ask me if I can help you with anything.

You've been an important figure in the history of Ironsong for a long while and the stories of your joining us, your early adventures, and your rise to power after a leave of absence will not be forgotten.

"Gimme a break, I'm a 6 day newb!" at your first Moot.
Passing out summoned refreshments at the first ever Ironsong Duel Tourney during your Peon period.
"What's aggro?" in Wailing Caverns with Fleethoof.
Crushingly beating Vashu and Jabulji in the rise to 60th level.
Running your own Duel Tourney in the mountains of northern Barrens and being recognized as an Ironsinger.
Being, I believe, the first Ironsong member to bring the head of Onyxia and the heart of Hakkar back to be turned in.
Becoming a Molotov Cocktail "on the rocks" by switching Frost.
Participating in the first all-Ironsong Onyxia kill.

There are many more I've unintentionally left out; I'd like to add to it when I remember.

Spirits be with yah, mon!
Hail Molotov, Ironsinger!

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
(( I don't have any words of wisdom for you, Tov...but when I'm able to log in, I will miss your wit. Edo and I have already missed your company on Team Speak (since we're not able to log in much).

Don't be a stranger when we're all on at the same time...and never let life hand you too much - when it does, just take small bites. (and see, here, I thought I didn't have any words of wisdom)

When things get rough or when you need something to pick you up, just look for the Zema that's hiding somewhere in your life to give you a crazy tackle-hug and ramble on about silly things...and never forget to pick up the colored ink and draw pictures of panda bears, even if only in your head.

...and, for some reason, I'm sitting here in tears. <huggles Tov>


<adds to tae's list>
-Dueling in the middle of the plaguelands.
-SOLO-kiting half of an insane overpull in Strat, since we were all dead...and living.
-Two words: Banana Phone.
-Captain Kaboom.
- ..and one I will never forget... the first Ironsinger who ever greeted me /as/ an Ironsinger...with muffins.

Semi-absent or not, I will miss you.
...but....but will you still be my tailor?

Seriously, even though I haven't seen much of you lately, I will miss you. Call on me if I can help you with anything. *hugs*

I've known you for some time now. You were a big reason I got to 60, with all your help. I remember those few days were we headed out to the Plaguelands, you'd go AE bomb the crap outta em while I paniced and tried to follow you and keep you alive. Good times, good times.

I'm gunna miss you you man. You were there for the long haul. Good luck with Wartorn, man, they're good people. Just don't forget us, cause we sure as hell won't forget you.


Michael, AKA Galven.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cosbydre.ytmnd.com/">http://www.cosbydre.ytmnd.com/</a><!-- m -->
Sorry to see you go, mate. Good luck with Wartorn.
Noooooooooooooo! Now I've only got damoxian to pick on me! Anyways, I hate to see you go man, I've had a lot of fun with you. Good luck with Wartorn, hope it works out for you.
Yeah, I kinda expected this to happen too. It's not as big a loss for me as it is for others in the guild, as I get to eat lunch with you every day. But I suppose here's a good place to offer my formal thanks, as it would just be awkward in regular convorsation (heh.) You and Daichallar ran me through just about every instance I needed to do. You helped me farm for my mount. You taught my cocky 'Fresh from 59' warrior humility by two shotting him with frostbolts in a duel. So thanks, Andy, I appriciate.

I'm going to add to the list with some RL things.
-Walking up to me after typing class with hair askew, dark rings under your eyes, and saying 'I got WoW last night. Was up pretty late.'
-Trying to explain to you why it was important to use correct capitalization in guildchat and say.
-You telling the guild that the reason you died was, and I quote, 'I choked on a softball' (I've got a weird memory)
-Sreng, who must have accidentally spoken in /g instead of /o, saying 'You konw, I really can't justify inviting this guy.' And look where you've come!

See you tommorow, Andy. Much <3.
I'm going to miss you. I remember my early days in the Tribe and you are so prominent in them. I remember the shock of seeing you with a whole bunch of muffins at a moot and when you shared them with me, I knew I was accepted in the Tribe.
I wish my schedule the last several months had allowed me more time to run with you. I wish you the best of luck in Wartorn; I hope they know what they're getting.

((I still have your nick in my 'friends' list, so we can still chat when you're online. ))

Dark Lady guide and protect you.

Good luck in your new guild, they are getting a fine member.

I want to thank you for all of the time and effort you gave Ironsong, cultivating our leveling, grouping, event coordination, enthusiasm, and general willingness to help.

I am still in denial about your leaving Ironsong, like that time you gave away all of your WoW possessions, because you left us for <gasp> another MMORPG, then came back a month later.

I guess what I am saying is that just because another guild name will be floating above your avatar, doesn’t mean that we won’t see you anymore and that we don’t still love our wirery aggro magnet.

This signature is for you!
Vote Akora for MA!

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