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Going Home
The wind was warm on her face, the scent of prey and predator both wafted into her flared nostrils. But then, everything was prey these days, increasingly she found herself eying the two-legs that fought along side her. Weighing them, measuring them, gaging which would best flesh her out for the coming cold. That faint voice tickled the back of her brain again, that voice of the two-legs she had once... known? been? It never fit when she tried to wrap her brain around the voice. So much these days didn't fit and thinking about it all had become more difficult. The faint voice faded off with a wail, as it so often did these days. It was coming less often, but in this land of many moons how could she really say how time passed. She looked up at her companions, all bore the markings of the two-legs she was not to eat. They were making strange guttural noises at eachother, which almost, if she strained, seemed to mean something to her. But not really. One of them, brown and rough but oddly familiar, looked down at her. The two-leg approached her and she took a few steps back baring her teeth. It stopped, tilting its head to the side and made noises with its mouth, different than before, and that faint voice welled up in her brain again. Louder than it had in a long time. She shook her head, her brow furrowed in frustration at the voices. With a growl she turned and lumbered off into the undergrowth of the forest, the voice fading again, but with a sad final note to it.


Sound stared off after the bear. The warlock at her shoulder nodded after the retreating form.

"Where's she going?"

"Home I think." She shook her head sadly and turned back to the task at hand.

((Happy Hunting. Forever Tribe.))
((Kaerrah.. Sad

I remember the moot you came to us from RL fondly. Many fireworks were on hand and it was held up in Moonglade. We briefly chatted as a line of us Druids all gathered up and sat together in cat form. Your collection of characters that joined there after and their RP were quick to amuse, witty and enjoyable. I'll miss you as both a friend and fellow druid. Be well, will ya?

And dangit people, stop quiting WoW! *shakes her fist as menacingly as she can muster* You make me emo!))

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