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Glyphs? Anyone?
The alt I'm leveling with the wife is doing inscription and just last night started hitting glyphs. Anyone need anything? Ehemann is low level, but he'll keep a list if anyone wants anything.
Is Ehemann in the guild? My mage alt could probably use a few, though I'll have to look up exactly which few he needs/wants.
I haven't gotten around to getting him invited yet, but I'm on most evenings.

As of last night he's sitting at 130 inscription. Off the top of my head he's got pyroblast, arcane missiles, and slow fall glyphs- but I know he's got a few more.

He's a bit stuck at the moment, he just hit 31- but the areas that have the herbs he needs are 30-40. Too much crafting, not enough fighting apparently. It's a pretty fun profession though.

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