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May the spirits be with you my friends and, hopefully, future tribemates. My name is Gloomcow, novice Druid of the Claw, of the Bloodhoof clan.

Though I am young, only in the tenth season after my coming of age, I am willing and devoted to serving the Horde through the use of my druidic arts.

Many moons ago, when I was not old enough even to hunt prairie dogs, our clan was attacked by centaurs and quillboars, working together. My mother and father both were slain in the attack, and I was captured by the raiders hiding in my father's tent-roll. As it would happen, the quillboars and centaurs were part of a large slaving guild in the pay of the Alliance. I soon found myself shipped across the sea, where I was jeered at continually by my human and dwarven captors. Refusing to give them the opportunity to gloat over my capture and deride our proud lineage even more, I soon learned to ignore their jests and leers and laughter. They could not have understood me anyway, no more than I understood what they were truly saying. This silence brought about a nickname, and one of the other Tauren prisoners who had learned Common told me what it was. Gloomcow. Naturally I was enraged that they should feel given the right to take my given name and replace it. But, in keeping with my defiance, I learned to embrace the name rather than deny it. After all, what better way to insult an enemy than to welcome his attempt at an insult as a compliment? The other prisoner, the one who understood common, had been a druid for the Frostwolf clan. She also had devised a plan with the other prisoners to escape while on the ship. In the dead of night she shifted into the form of a great dire bear, smashing first her cage, then those of the other prisoners. Spells blossomed and those prisoners with no magical skill took up weapons improvised from table legs, and even Alliance cutlery. We prisoners far outnumbered the guards on the ship, and within hours we were back on our way to Kalimdor. Knowing that I would like as not never see my tribe again, I stayed with the druid after we reached Ratchet. She took me back to Mulgore, and began my training to follow in her footsteps as a druid. Though my fellow Tauren regard me with suspicion due to my new name, I still bear it as a badge of honor, as well as a reminder of our war against the despicable Alliance.

Of course, no one is complete with only a vocation. And I will confess that while as a druid I am bound and called to nature, I do enjoy tinkering with machines as a novice engineer, and I have picked up mining in order to gather the necessary materials to fuel this hobby. However, other skills such as cooking and fishing I have neglected. As a druid, I sustain myself from the wild, and I do not see need for such base sustenance.

The Bloodhoof Clan and the Horde are the only current holders of my loyalty, though, obviously, I am interested in giving it to the Ironsong as well.

Though I have never personally met a member of the Ironsong, your deeds and reputation are spread throughout the Horde. It was, in fact, a blood elf paladin who first told me of your acceptance towards all peoples of the Horde, and soon after I found several others who confirmed the story, and in turn, confirming my belief that Ironsong is the right tribe for me.

I have had two trials, neither greater than the other, but both greater than any others. The first would be that first raid upon my clan when we were still nomads. My father was a great warrior, but he was netted by centaurs and slain by quillboars. My mother, on the other hand, was a shaman. A quillboar arrow pierced her heart as she was healing the wounded. That was my first exercise in self control, though doubts have risen in myself as to whether or not it was really just plain cowardice. I sat and did nothing, true, but what could I have done? My second trial is one all druids face: the first trip to Moonglade, and the meeting with the Great Bear Spirit. While not a trial of combat, the spirit instilled in me faith in my path, and the mental battle with myself over understanding the spirit’s message was long and arduous, and actually climaxed in time with my triumph over Lunarclaw, the guardian of the Moonkin stone in the Barrens. With the guardian’s strength added to that of the old bear, I found within myself the strength to erase doubt from my mind, and act when I needed to act.

Currently, my only true goal is to further my training and knowledge of the druidic arts, specifically those pertaining to feral combat, so that I may be of further service to the Horde, to the Bloodhoof Clan, and hopefully, to the Ironsong Tribe as well.

I love communing with the nature in Azeroth. I will wander for days or even weeks at a time in my ursine form, hunting gazelles in the Barrens, diving for fish in Lake Elune’ara in Moonglade, or just relaxing atop my favorite rock in Mulgore. Anywhere there is nature, I am content. Though granted, this life has gotten lonesome, and so I seek friends wherever I go in my travels.

Lastly, I have read your tribe’s code of conduct, and find it most honorable and agreeable. Have no fear that I will not comply.
Thank you for you introduction Gloom...we will take your application under consideration.

OOC(( Your application is a good one...I am concerned about your name however. As this is an RP server we try to stay with more traditional names...and in our guild rp especially the terms "cow and bovine" are considered derogatory to a Tauren...of course you may not have known that when you picked your names...so I would advise you to consider a name change or to be prepared to defend your name with well thought out RP))

I hope this helps...and may the Earth Mother watch over thee.

Farseer of Ironsong

Sing True Ironsong!
Dispaya Wrote:so I would advise you to consider a name change or to be prepared to defend your name with well thought out RP))
((Just to point out - should you choose to change your name, the easiest way to do that in such a situation is to have as many friends as possible report the name as un-RP, and sooner or later (probably sooner) a GM will contact you to get your name changed. I've been told that if you report the name yourself as being un-RP and "in violation of naming rules of the server," you will get contacted VERY quickly. Of course, if you choose to defend the name you have, I'd love to hear any interesting stories!))
((Thanks for the replies guys! To be perfectly honest, I wasn't even thinking about RP when I was creating the character, I just wanted something I knew someone else wouldn't have because a friend and I were trying to go as long as we could at the same XP. I am very open to changing it, however, but I'm not sure how I can do that without paying some cash, which I don't really wanna do, some help pelase?))
((Like I said - have everyone in the world, including yourself, report the name as "Verbal Harrasment" to the GMs, and pretty soon, you will be required, for free, to change your name.))
((I have reported and had a response. On accident despite my putting that there was no need to contact, but a response))
((I reported myself and got a response, but the GM said that they didn't think it was a big enough violation to warrant a name change. In anticipation of that, I did work up a rough story for the reason behind the name, expect to see it updated when it's done. On another note, I'm visiting family in California all this week, so I won't be on at all.))
((cite lore and the insult to the tauren race. be annoying enough and they may give in))
Repetition helps too. Sooner or later, you'll get a compliant GM.
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
((Actually, as previously stated, I have found a story to explain the name and why it is a badge of honor rather than an insult. Re-read the history for the full story, but basically the name was given to him by Alliance slavers after he was captured in that first raid, and after his escape, he maintains the name in order to remind him both of the pain of captivity as well as the strength of body and mind needed to endure it.
Bravo! We'll see you at the moot next Thursday, then?
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
I hope so, it really depends on my RL work schedule. The moot is at 8pm my time, so if it lasts longer than an hour, I may be able to catch the latter part of it, but no guarantees. Also, the week AFTER that I'm out of town again, but my activity should pick up a good bit once July hits.

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