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Ghojan the Shattered
Well, since we seemta be doin’ da Formal ting, lemme get down ta brass tacks, yah? Dey call me Ghol’jan da Shattered, or just Gho if yah don’ wanna be saying all dat long thing. I’ve been a bit a requisition agent for da horde for quite some bit, doing everyting from da simple sabotage and thievery, ta the more complex cloak’n dagga tings. Dis at one time earned me da right to call myself a Blood Guard in da service to T’rall, but I took a lil bit of a constitutional, if yah get my meanin’. I be a Senior Seargent once again, but dat won’ be for long. I’ll be workin’ my blue arse off until I get tah have some semblance of ‘spect back for me!

Buuut.. a yah wanna know more ‘bout da Ghol’jan? Well…like I said, I’ma requisitions agent. Well, fine! Yah can call me a rogue if yah want…but I prefer da prior. Assasination, stealthy recoveries, and da like….you gots it, I can try ta do it, can’ guarantee it be getting’ back to yah if it is a bit to precious though.

Dis s’possed obsession wit da shadow-walkin’ don’ always be makin’ my family to happy doh. Ol Zala’jin, da bastard dat spawned me and my holier’den’joo brudda wan’ed me ta follow him and be a witch docta. He taught me da basics of da spirit callin’ but den I learned about da baaad mojo. It didn’t seem right to me ta just let it be goin’ like dat…and by Sen’jin’s tusks, it definitely wasn’ right ta just ignore our blood dat let it go. All dey wanted was a home, yet dey didn’ wanna pay da price, so dey got into a constant struggle wit da VooDoo. So I told him dat I be doin’ what dey don’t want me to…to police da shadowhunta’s dat go wrong. He wasn’t to pleased….an whacked me wit dat big ol’ stick of his…breakin’ my tusk good.

When I came to, I was in da Razor Hill, an Orc Healer was meltin’ silver for my crown..and I had a broken Mojo Charm around my neck. Now…dis shoulda been da end of this..until Zeengo came and found me…and he’s been houndin’ me ever since.

Aaaaaanyways…whats dat? Professions? Yah I gots some hobbies I be doin’. Well…I didn’ let go of alla Zala’jin’s trainin’s…so I took up da Mojo Makin’ and herbal remedies. I’ve long since masta’ed these skills, along wit da Healing and da fishing. I can cook….but only ‘nuff ta make da tea in da morning. Wha? I’s not s’possed ta like tea?

Oh…past tribes. Dats a hard ting ta talk about, but da Gho’s been with da Ravagers of Azeroth since I got booted from Sen’jin. I tink you be meetin’ a few of da others soon, like Da Nicorah and my brudda, dey can tell yah more about it. We be togedda to da end, and beyond. I don’ tink I could be fightin’ in da Nether without dem.

Well, I’ve been seein’ yah around for a looong while. But soma da best memories I been havin’ with yah are does small lil debacles we used ta call protectin’ da Frostwolves. Dose lil Stealth Groups wit Rawne and Wingspirit did a lot ta make me feel much more comfortable about our chances of survival…doh we usually got our arses handed to us in da end!

I tink I answered everyting in dis Small novel I’ve been writin’...save for sayin’ yah, I did read da CoC. Its aaaaall good here! Hope we be seein’ or talkin’ soon


((To clarify I guess…uhm 60 Troll Rogue, 300 alch, 300 herb, 300 Fish, 300 First Aid 100 cooking. Looking forward to working with you ladies and gents! =D))
Greetings, Ghojan, I am Merrina, a Blademaster of The Ironsong Tribe. How did you come to hear about us?
Well, Miss Merrina, I been lookin' round for a good bit, and quite honestly, you guys been ona da most seen tribes everywhere nowadays. I've hunted wit a few of yah in da past. Mostly when yah gotta need ta get a few spare stragglers bouncin' around for some task. Stood a'side a fewa yah protectin' afewa da more influencial forces a da horde. Yah know, in da gulch, basin and valleys 'cross Azeroth...nothin' to serious doh.
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