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Getting to know... your name!
This topic is all about where you found/came up with your name.

Thanuist: What I liked from this site

Ura: Clan of the cave bear movie. it's my favorite book, and in the movie they call the cave bear spirit ursus (which comes out ura as it's primitive speech). Since Ura is a feral druid I thought it fit with bear form
The name "Melikar" was just something I came up with. But the "Mel" part I really did take as a spin-off of my NElf priest (my first real WoW character) "Melarni".

Kardwel was also something I just came up with. He just looked like he would be that name. I really wish I'd gone for a Thallassin name now...
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
Well...for starters, Ronx is a name I had to come up with from scratch for something that I really liked, so I spent some time thinking about what sounded good and unique, and Ronx is what I got.

Key'athe, Ronx' "real" name, was also something that I had to come up with that sounded both Tauren and unique. And I got it after I looked at some names on the name generator and some Tauren NPCs.

Mahori was a rogue that I had that was eventually turned into a bank alt. I couldn't remember whether that name was based on her real name or vice versa. The RP reason for it was that it was a codename derived from her born name of Margaret Horatia Rhyker, in part named after the TNG character. :B

Algernon, one of my favorite characters, had his name taken from the character that inspired him from the play by Oscar Wilde. He was Algernon Moncrieff, though I have yet to decide on a last name for my Algernon and I'm even opting not to give him one.

My Paladin, Abras, had a name that was derived from a few actual foreign names based on their meanings. Unfortunately, I forgot what they were and the special meaning I had in mind for his name. Even more unfortunate, he was deleted and rerolled as a Dranei Paladin, though I used the same method for naming him and I actually remember the meaning I had in mind for him.

So there you have it. Smile
Eruadan is a websites translation of the biblical name Gabriel which they say means "Man of God". However there are many interpritations of the meaning of this name which I can't go into detail since I am on my iPod touch in Athens, Greece. Though I wanted a character name that had a relation to a religious figure or had a "holy" definition of sorts.
Wingspirit - One of my first character names here, and I was looking for something simple. I wanted something that would fit with a druidic nature without being rough-and-tumble. I was worried that it would sound too much like an anglo-trying-to-go-native, but the name seems to have worked. My first thought was Windspirit, but it was taken. And I came up with this before we got to turn into stormcrows.

Anca - the name of a friend's barbarian in a D&D game. A real kick-ass type. I simply had to have it when I made my little feral girl. Retroactively, I made it be the sound of a goblin blacksmith hammering metal with the two-hit style. Light then hard. ann-CA!
Name creation is so much fun. And what a neat idea for a topic!

I've given all my characters names from a story I've been working on except for Keindra. I had to go through tons of generator names and fiddle with them a bit 'til I came up with that.

But I like to create names by listing vowels and consonants that I want to use, usually based on what race the charater is, then mix them over and over 'til I get something I like. (Hmm... put like that, it's a lot like the way I cook! :lol: )
Lady Shandris "The Bloodbound" Blazecaller Sunstrider- Well thats BB's full RP name, but the Bloodbound part I thought up when I heard of the Blood Elves and their acceptance of warlocks (called summoners in their culture apperantly not warlocks) and thought of a Blood Mage who took up Blood Contracts with demons(This was really before I thought any about RP but her RP reasons for makeing the blood contracts was to grow powerfull enough that she would never fail her people) and as for the RP parts Blazecaller was her original Last name and Sunstrider is her Last name since Prince Kael'thas adopted her and depending on the situation she will either use only her first name or her title when she is dealing with the other Blood Elven nobles.

Blood Knight Velandra "The Tutelary" Lightblade- That would be Tute's full RP name, The Tutelary part I thought up after seeing the word in a book with a loose discription of the word which means in general a Guardian Spirit or Minor Deity with special powers and just thought it was the perfect name for my Pally who I always planed on being protection speced and thus when I came up with a RP story for her I made "The Tutelary" a nickname she picked up in the military cause of her adept powers in the light her massive strength and the fact that she would throw herself in front of attacks in order to protect her allies. Velandra is if I'm remembering correctly the name I came up after wandering Silvermoon looking at female Blood Elf names to give me a feel of how they sound and thats what I came up with. And Lightblade isn't her real last name she hasn't told anyone that since she went home and found her parents dead their are only 2 people besides her who know what it is her commander and her brother.(who if you guys remember is going to be my DK when Wrath comes out.)
The oldest name I use is Bim or Bimmothy H. Puddlefish IV (Gnome Mage), that name originated from when Goji and I played Star Wars Galaxies (The original good one, we actually play since launch, for about a year), I had a Mon Calimari Pikeman Named Bim Pollywog... hehe. I don't really remember where I found bim from, but I stuck with it and thought it would make a good gnome name. The Full name of that character was Bimmothy H. Pollywog III, lol.

Poloma (Dwarf Hunter) her name comes from a Choctaw name meaning " bow."

Dezba Runningblade (Orc Warrior) his name is a Navajo name meaning "goes to war."

Dezna Marie Runningblade (Half-Orc Rogue) her name is an take of her fathers, middle name from her mother.

Tokala Dezba Runningblade (Half-Orc Shaman) his name is a Dakota name meaning " fox."

Odakota "Litte Bear" (Tauren Druid) his name is a Sioux name meaning " friend."

Elphonse (Belf Pally) his name is just a FMA reference, heh. I love his name though. One of my all time favorite ones.

Breda (Belf Hunter) his name is another FMA reference... heh, I love that anime.
Dispaya - I am often asked where the name "Dispaya" came from.
I had written out several "dead" sounding names looking for something unique...but most of my ideas were already taken. The last word on my list was the word "Despair" and from that I came up with Despaira...Despara...and finally Dispaira....and that morphed to Dispaya. Dispaya was the only name that wasn't taken so I took that and assigned a forsaken meaning to it "forever in Despair" which coincided with her Origin story.

Faeriel - I'd like to disclose the origin of this name now as it has alot of meaning for me. Faeriel was the name of an elvish character created by a friend of mine for a very special D&D game. After the game ended we lost touch and it was only a year later that I found out she passed away at a very young age. She was a very kind yet sad girl with a mischevious nature. I must have written 2 dozen blood elf names for my priestess but ultimately Faeriel was the name I kept coming back to and so I use it in tribute to my friend's memory. I will always miss her.

Sing True Ironsong!
Krelldor- Is the first name I ever created for an online mmo. I rolled a WoodElven Ranger on Fennin Ro in the game of EverQuest by this name. The name has followed me into all the lands I have drifted to and fro...EQ, EQ2, STar Wars Galaxies, Horizons, and finally here.

As to where I developed the name...its from an old film I saw, and actually enjoyed even though the majority of the population of the planet Earth hated it. The film was Krull. There was a character in it named Rell...and he was a cyclops with an interesting story behind him. Because I liked the character, I tried to name my Woody Rell, but the name was taken....I added a K to the beginning, making it Krell...also taken. Finally, I added a -dor on the end, and POOF, Krelldor was born.

I have used many forms of this name in my gaming career: Krelldor, Krell, Krelly, Krellina.
Shantow the Bear
The Ironsong Tribe

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed." King
Sreng was the very first character I ever made in WoW. He originally was on Earthen Ring, but when Fleetie and I wanted to play later on during launch, ER was down so we remade our lowbies on Silver Hand. I got the name from Irish mythology: in the Mythic cycle, the Tuatha de Danann invade Ireland but find that it is already populated by several nations of people. One of those nations are the Fir Bolg, and they challenge the Tuatha. The champion of the Fir Bolg is Sreng, or alternatively Sreang, Steang, or Stangg. Ultimately the Fir Bolg succumb to the might of the Tuatha, so it's not the most auspicious of names, but it has worked well for me. Smile

Degrang was one of my nemeses. In the selfsame D&D game that Dispaya mentions above, I played Faeriel's bodyguard, a Lawful Good Half-Orc Fighter named Titus Halfbear. Degrang was a full-blooded orc, and Titus' former military commander (from before Titus realized he had been fighting for a corrupt force of tyranny, and defected to the Good Guys). Degrang killed Titus in an epic battle, but fortunately his death was avenged and Titus was Raised. As a brutal, nasty bad guy, Degrang made an incredible impression on me. I just had to play him for myself. The Ironsong Degrang is far less homicidal than Dispaya's Degrang, but that's probably for the best. Smile
[Image: 2426811FELbm.png]
Heh... I just picked mine because so few names start with Q.
I kinda mishmash my character names from whatever sounds cool and has some relevance to their class, race, etc. Seems most of us do that. =)

Krigaren (70 Tauren Warrior) - Translated in Swedish as "The Warrior".

Zuipol (70 Troll Mage) - Taken from Chapterhouse Dune and changed the S to a Z to make it more trolly. And yes, Suipol is a girl, but let's not look too deeply into that. <_<

Anoximon (70 Belf Paladin) - Combination of "An Oxymoron", which was meant to reflect the irony of a blood elf - who's race is now addicted to demonic power and once tried to ally themselves with demons - that is a member of a sect of blood elves who's fellowship uses powers imbued by the enemies of demons and is the antithesis of demons.

Sheeana (70 Belf Priest) - Another Dune series reference. She is a Reverend Mother, which is as close to a priestly order as I could imagine. Plus it's a cool name.

If you want to know what other Dune character names I've ripped off, see also: Kynes (60 human paladin) and Futar (61 orc rogue)
[Image: 85443.png][Image: 85444.png]
In order of creation:

Grommash. So in all of Warcraft 2 and 3 (just the games, I never did read the books) the name Grommash is said only once, by Mannaroth in a cut scene. He was my first character I ever created, so I figured I'd be smart and make a Grommash. Lo and behold the name is available. Once I reached Orgrimmar and found Grommash Hold I had one of those "Daaaaahh" moments. :?

Efluvious: I wanted to make a warrior and couldn't think of a name. PO-Efluvia was over at my house at the time and suggested the name as he used Efluvia as a bank alt...then promptly started playing Efluvia several days later.

Partario: I don't remember where I got this name from (it could have been Look Around You). I thought it a great name for a gnome rogue engineer, but since I play horde...undead is good enough.
"Passion and shame torment him, and rage is mingled with his grief."

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Valtrinity - this is a name I came up with to name one of my anthromorphic characters, a vixen which turned out to be a superior being endowed with a beserk mentality and unnatural destructive power, hence earning her the surname, Demoness of Destruction. Valtrinity combines a simple prefix 'val' with the word 'trinity', a word that defines three, or in some religious terms, 'divine three'. Adding 'val' to beginning of it destroys the meaning, as per the real Valtrinity's destructive nature, or at least that's what I always thought.

Veramorla - Veramorla is a name I came up with that was derived from two different names. The first part 'vera' is derived from one of my squirrel characters, who was named Varis. The second part 'morla' is derived from one of Pinto's characters named Moralinda, who is the center of his online comic Las Lindas.

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